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Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha is Live for Some Android Users in Australia

If you guys have phones, you'll be pleased to know the Diablo Immortal closed alpha is now live. 2018 memes notwithstanding, the closed beta brings new endgame and PvP systems, plus some expanded content. Here's what you can expect.

Wild Terra 2 Shares 2020 Roadmap

The Wild Terra 2 team has provided a roadmap which outlines what they have planned for the Summer, Fall, Winter, and throughout 2020.

Mortal Online Updates Roadmap for Closed Alpha

The Mortal Online 2 team tweeted out an updated roadmap for closed alpha earlier. Here's what we learned.

Everspace 2 Closed Alpha Begins June 15

Everspace 2 is set to begin its closed alpha this coming week on June 15.

Magic: Legends Announces Closed Alpha in new State of Development Blog

Magic: Legends has published their first State of Development blog on their website from Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa, and announced an upcoming Close Alpha test.

Torchlight III Announces New Sharpshooter Hero Class

The Sharpshooter is the latest class to be revealed for Torchlight III. Here are the details.

New World Game Director Issues Letter to the Community

Scot Lane, Game Director on New World, just issued a letter to the community addressing closed alpha and more.

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