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How Did You Pick Your Favorite Class In An MMO?

With The Lord of the Rings Online players able to go hands on with the MMO's first class sincce 2014 today thanks to the Brawler hitting the Bullroarer test server, it got Bradford thinking about how he chose his favorite class in any MMO he plays. Spoiler alert: They are usually ranged.

Outriders Patch Buffs All Classes

Do you like buffs? Well, it looks like everyone gets a buff with the latest Outriders patch, available now.

New Classes Are Coming to Lost Ark in 2021

New classes and content are on their way for Lost Ark in early 2021. Here are the details.

MU Origin 2 Marks 1st Anniversary with Special Events

The first anniversary of MU Origin 2 will be marked by new special events.

Crowfall Goes Back to Basics and Looks at Classes

Crowfall went back to basics recently as it looked at classes.

Bless Unleashed AMA Discusses Race-Locked Classes and More

A recent AMA for Bless Unleashed has provided some details surrounding race-locked classes and more.