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Chronicles Of Elyria's Stand Alone Sim Alpha NDA Includes Class Action Waiver; Class Action Group Stresses Not To Sign

Kingdoms of Elyria's Alpha NDA has started going out to backers and some eagle-eyed users have spotted something that, while is pretty standard, feels offputting: a class action lawsuit waiver.

Chronicles of Elyria Talks Resource Gathering Philosophy On Its Developer Blog

Taking to the Chronicles of Elyria blog, Soulbound Studios' Jeromy Walsh talked a bit about how its resource and gathering mechanics will work in its upcoming sim, Kingdoms of Elyria.

CD Projekt Respond to Second Investor Class Action Lawsuit

CD Projekt, the company behind Cyberpunk 2077, have responded to a second class action lawsuit from their investors. Here are some details.

Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit Finds Lawyer

It looks like the saga of the lawsuit stemming from Chronicles of Elyria has finally found a lawyer.

Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit Provides Lengthy Update of Status

In a lengthy update on the official Discord, the class action lawsuit for Chronicles of Elyria claims that Xsolla are not honoring refund requests.

Chronicles of Elyria Class Action Group Receives Response from Washington Attorney General

Remember Chronicles of Elyria? Backers of the game had contacted the Washington Attorney General for potential action. It looks like there's an update.

Chronicles of Elyria Backers Are Contacting Washington Attorney General For Potential Action

Backers of the now-defunct Chronicles of Elyria MMORPG have started to contact the Washington State Attorney General's office to file complaints against Soulbound Studios.