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Indie MMO Spotlight: Looking Back At 2021

Is there anyone who isn't happy that 2021 is over? Even with all of its challenges, 2021 was still a busy time for our indie developers. So it's not surprising that even with many developers taking a break for the holidays, several took the time to recap their efforts of the prior year and give us a look at what to expect in 2022. Even though there was less news than usual, let's go ahead and kick of 2022 with this week's Indie MMO Spotlight.

 City of Titans Gets a Combat Preview and Teases What's Coming in 2022

As City of Titans gets further into development, the team offered a year end preview of the new combat system and plans for 2022.

City of Titans Dev Interview Features MrArtstrong on Buildings, Inspiration, and More

Work continues on City of Titans, and the latest round of developer interviews (and game preview) features a new electronic track that was themed for Halloween, along with a visualization by the interview subject of the week, Don Armstrong, also known as MrArtstrong.

City of Titans Development Interview Shows Off New Progress in Building Titan City

A new interview with City of Titans' Nathan "Red Warlock" Purkiss covers influences, building the city's neighborhoods with character, and shows off some new architecture.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Alphas Arrive, Gifts Gone Wild, And Titans Resurrected

This week, the Indie MMO Spotlight is full of Alpha and Beta tests that started this week. At the same time, there are several new release date announcements, regular patch updates, and everything else you've come to expect in our weekly rundown of the indie MMO scene. 

City of Titans Dev Talks Movement Powers and Development Progress

City of Titans dev talks development progress, what's to come, movement powers, and more in a new interview.

City of Titans Talks Powers with Senior Gameplay Engineer Fred Prince

The latest blog post for Missing Worlds Media's City of Titans peers behind the curtain of development with an interview of their Senior Gameplay Engineer, Fred Prince. The interview touches on the recent Flight Power test, the future of travel powers, and some of the combat abilities headed down the pipe.

City of Titans Spotlights Progress Building Downtown

In case you missed it, the City of Titans team shared additional information on the development efforts underway to build out downtown in Titan City.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Matchmaking, Fun Facts, And Killer Cats

It's the biggest week yet for the Indie MMO Spotlight, with newsworthy notes for fourteen games, several of which are finding their way here for the first time. Join us and get caught up on what's going on with the Indie MMORPG scene!

City of Titans Patch Adjusts Flight Based on Community Feedback

The City of Titans team pushed out a patch earlier with some improvements and fixes based on the feedback they received from the community. Here are some details.

The Indie MMO Spotlight: Taking Flight, Beta Delays, And Lots of Videos

This week's Indie Spotlight shows off some new MMOs this week, with beta delays, games taking flight as well as videos. Lots and lots of videos.

City of Titans Adds Flight, Available Now to Test

As part of a recent update to the City of Titans client, player flight is now available along with additional updates. Read on for more details.

Indie MMO Spotlight - Flight, Particle Effects And Signups Galore

Focusing on the smaller indie studios, join Mitch every Sunday as he recaps the week that was in the indie MMO genre.

City of Titans Community Update Is All About Houses and Bases

Housing is a feature many of us like to dabble with in our favorite MMOs. City of Titans, the Kickstarted superhero MMO, just shared their most recent community update which takes a look at houses and bases.

City of Titans Previews Travel Powers in Latest DevBlog

The team at Missing Worlds Media (MWM) has previewed a series of travel powers for City of Titans in their latest devblog. Players will be able to combine multiple travel powers so that they can travel the world however they choose.