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What Game Features Do MMORPGs Need to Foster Better Player Relationships? | One Good Roll

If you had to make some changes to MMORPGs of today, what features would you add to create a game where players would want to build lasting relationships with each other?

When Was the Last Time You Celebrated an Achievement? | One Good Roll

Grats! You leveled up! Do you remember when you would log into the game and grind out that level, and as soon as your XP bar would *ding* you would get a wave of support from the community of fellow gamers around you? What happened to celebrating your achievements and the achievements of others?

City of Heroes Rebirth Project Adds Forever Epic Update With New Power Sets, Glowing Costumes, and Cel Shading

Remake project City of Heroes: Rebirth gets its Issue 4: Forever Epic update, which brings two new pool power sets, two epic power sets, glowing skins, cel shading, and more.

MMO Reroll: The Private Servers

Mitch takes a different approach with this month's MMO ReRoll, looking at the private servers that allow players to experience the MMOs of yesteryear.

City of Heroes Homecoming Announces This Year's Costume Contests

City of Heroes Homecoming has announced the dates for the costume contests of 2021, in addition to a change.

City of Heroes Fan Homecoming Server Celebrates First Anniversary

The Fan Homecoming server of City of Heroes celebrated its one year anniversary recently, and are giving away anniversary badges during the month of May.