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Following Unity Fee Controversy, Kingdoms of Elyria May Need Another Pivot

Following a recent update signaling a possible path to alpha, Chronicles of Elyria / Kingdoms of Elyria may have to change course following recent Unity fee announcements.

Kingdoms of Elyria: Settlements Missing 2023 Release, But New Deal Solidifies 2023 Alpha Plans

Kingdoms of Elyria: Settlements, companion to Chronicles of Elyria, will not release this year, as Soulbound Studios focuses on a licensing deal and platform work, before diving into serious polish on the game.

Chronicles of Elyria Outlines Expenses in Latest 'Developer Journal'

In the latest journal by Soulbound Studios owner Jeromy "Caspian" Walsh, the financial numbers have been detailed in what appears to be a lengthy list of expenses.

Chronicles of Elyria Dev Update Shows More Backend Work, Promises These Are 'Exciting Times'

For those still following the updates from Chronicles of Elyria, a new dev blog was posted earlier this week, showing off the work being done to the backend of the MMO (and Kingdom simulator).

AI-Powered Game Development Will Streamline Game Creation and Open the Door to Potential Scams | MMOAI

With AI-powered tools and plugins getting more powerful by the day, game development will soon change forever. Steven questions if it will lead to great games or just great scams.

The Kickstarter MMO is Dead | OGR

Are Kickstarter MMORPGs a thing of the past? In this week's One Good Roll Steven concludes that crowdfunding is dead.

Latest Chronicles Of Elyria Update States Kingdoms Of Elyria: Settlements Will Be Launched This Year

In the first update of 2023, Chronicles of Elyria's developer Jeromy Walsh states that the work on Kingdoms of Elyria, and by extension Chronicles of Elyria, is still humming along, despite being the only dedicated developer on the project now. However, despite this, Walsh states that the Kingdoms of Elyria: Settlements project will be released by the end of this year.

Opinion: Lawsuits Be Damned, Chronicles of Elyria is a Farce and Must End Now | MMOWTF

The money has been spent, the game is veritably nonexistent, and yet, the developer still has the audacity to talk about the future, after fleecing so many over a promise that will never materialize. Chronicles of Elyria, Kingdoms of Elyria, and projects like it must end now!

Chronicles of Elyria Class Action Dismissed, Walsh Does Victory Lap Over Backers In Latest Update

For those who have been wondering the status of the ongoing class action lawsuit against Chronicles of Elyria developer Soulbound Studios, it looks as though that lawsuit has been dismissed in court. As such, Elyria founder Jeromy Walsh took to the quarterly update to do a victory lap of sorts over the news.

Chronicles of Elyria Dev Soulbound Studios May Soon Run Out Of Money

After months of silence, Chronicles of Elyria's Jeromy "Caspian" Walsh has provided an update on the MMO. However, based on the new dev journal, it looks like Soulbound Studios might see itself run out of money again, possibly by the end of the year.

Opinion: VR Is The Future MMORPGs Need

Nick examines the MMORPG genre, its stagnation, and how VR MMOs might be the next evolution of the genre itself.

Chronicles of Elyria, After Months of Silence and Alpha, Has a New Updated Timeline for 2024 Release

Chronicles of Elyria has a new updated focus and a proposed timeline that points to a 2024 release after efforts to complete and release part of the experience as a standalone game first.

Court Rules Lawsuit Against Soulbound Studios Must Conclude Before Taking the Fight to Xsolla

In the latest update from the Class Action for Chronicles of Elyria Discord, the court has ruled that in order to get to Xsolla, the payment processor that took payments outside of the Kickstarter Campaign, and refused to provide refunds, the Soulbound Studios class action lawsuit must first conclude.

Chronicles of Elyria Class-Action Lawsuit Transferred to Western District of Washington

In a recent development, it seems the current class-action lawsuit against Chronicles of Elyria developer SoulBound Studios has been transferred to the Western District of Washington.

Chronicles of Elyria Changes Its Alpha NDA, Talks Blockchain And NFTs In Latest Update

Chronicles of Elyria's back in the news this week after an update posted to its website details changes being made to its Alpha NDA, as well as talks about NFTs within Elyria.