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Indie MMO Spotlight: The Day That Was Underwhelming

This week, The Day Before tries to compete with The Last of Us by being the best drama in gaming, Fractured Online shuts down its servers as expected, and RamenVR states it will use AI to moderate chat.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Happy Indie New Year!

This week, we start the new year off with a quiet murmur. That's to be expected, though; even developers should get some time off during the holidays.

Chimeraland Update Will Merge Additional Servers, Add Content, and Fix Some Persistent Issues

Chimeraland continues its next phase with a new update tomorrow that merges a couple of additional servers, and adds new content, and fixes some bugs.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Keeping Up With The Stars

This week, Chimeraland servers are on the chopping block, Book of Travels looks back at a shaky first year, and Foxhole gets a good review. There's plenty of other stuff going on as well, so let's quit wasting time and get started with this week's Indie MMO Spotlight.

Chimeraland Merges Several Servers and Sets the Rules for Keeping Your Homes and Names

Chimeraland has merged some servers this week on its global version. The team has also shared some rules on how player homes or names will work if there are any overlaps.

Chimeraland Will Add Underwater Housing, a Merfolk Event, and Faster Ways to Batch Devour Monsters

The latest Chimeraland update continues the ocean themes, with underwater castles and the Merfolk Hymn event. there's also underwater player housing, a new blueprint system, and a faster way to devour monsters.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Mounts, Evolutions, And Wildfolk

This week, Foxhole is finally going 1.0, Chimeraland gets a new fairy evolution, and players finally get a chance to try out the updated world map for Gloria Victis.

Chimeraland Adds Dululululu, Its First Noble Evolutionary Flower Fairy

Dululululu, Chimeraland's first Noble Evolutionary Flower Fairy, will give you a challenge and some advantages.

Chimeraland Kicks off Ocean Events, As Devs Share Roadmap In Response to Community Feedback

September is bringing a focus on the ocean to Chimeraland, with several events. The dev team is also outlining a roadmap in response to post-launch community feedback.

Chimeraland Review

Chimeraland, developed by Pixel Soft and published by Level Infinite, launched last month in North America. It is a sandbox MMO that mashes up various systems from monster hunting to survival-style building. While the game feels unpolished, it does have a lot of depth to the gameplay. Check out Kevin's review.

Chimeraland Launches Attack Of The Tyrant Update, Brings T-Rex, New Abilities And More

Chimeraland's latest update called Attack of the Tyrant brings some prehistoric beasts to the ranks of the untamed. With the update, players can start to tame the king of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex, and much more.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Dragon Evolution, NFT Sales, And Night Lights

This week, several of the lesser heard devs poke their heads up to say a few words, while the more common entries have videos full of information for all you indie lovers.

Chimeraland Adds Medusa Portrait Dungeon, a New Event, and the Noble Dragon Horse Evolved Pet Option

New Chimeraland update adds the Medusa Portrait Dungeon Challenge, new egg refining and pet transformation features, the new Noble Dragon Horse evolved pet, and more.

Medusa Comes to Chimeraland As a New Attendant on July 28th

In Chimeraland, a game inspired by myths and legends, including those of Ancient Greece, Attendants are NPC companions who can protect you on your journey. The newest, Medusa, will be added on July 28th.

Chimeraland Guides Cover Life Skill Progression and How to Challenge Noble Beasts

Progression in Chimeraland is explained in a new video, and in another guide, Noble beasts can now be made vulnerable to attack.