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What Kind of Character Creator Are You? | One Good Roll

Character creation in MMORPG's can be a big deal to some people. In this week's One Good Roll, we take a look at some character creation strategies. Which one are you?

The List: MMOs With The Best Character Customization

Every gamer loves to customize their character to make them their own. We break down some of the best MMOs to create the avatar of your wildest dreams.

Ashes of Creation Devs Want to Know How Much Time You Spend in Character Creation

The new dev discussion for Ashes of Creation is all about character creation and how long you may or may not spend creating your avatar.

Diablo 4 Character Creator Looks Legit

Blizzard has provided its regular quarterly update for Diablo 4 where it looks like character creation and customization seem to be pretty legit and a bigger deal compared to previous games. Read on for details.

DCUO - The Art of Character Creation

For many of us, playing games serves as a distraction from the veil of real life. Games serve as a temporary get-away from things like dealing with a job, family, or a global pandemic. Many of us that play role-playing games with extensive character creators. Join Scott as he breaks down his way of creating characters in an MMO.

Ashes of Creation Confirms In-Depth Character Creator

In case you missed it, the Ashes of Creation community team confirmed the in-depth nature of the character creator. Here's what you can expect.

Ship of Heroes Posts Update to Character Creator Tool

Ship of Heroes has posted an update regarding their character creator tool, bringing about dozens of new costumes and more.

Baldur's Gate III Latest Community Update Talks Character Creation

The latest Baldur's Gate III community update goes into detail about character creation, and how the process of creating your character fundamentally changes the beginning of your journey.  The article also shows the process behind the creation of their photorealistic models.

Here Are the Character Customization Changes Coming to WoW Shadowlands

Character customization options are coming to World of Warcraft's Shadowlands when the expansion drops on October 27. Here's what's changing.

New World Outlines Character Progression

In the latest news from the New World team, character progression is put into focus.

New Season Character Pre-Creation is Live in Black Desert

You can now pre-create a new character for the upcoming season as part of Black Desert's latest patch.

Waylanders Character Creation and Gameplay Shared in New Video

Party-based RPG, The Waylanders, has shared its character creator and gameplay in a new video.