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Here Are the Item and System Changes Coming to Blade & Soul's 'Cosmic Horizon' Update Next Week

As we covered previously, the Cosmic Horizon update for Blade & Soul arrives September 23. Now, the team has provided more details regarding item additions and system changes.

Taking a Look at Warframe's The Deadlock Protocol Update

Update 28, The Deadlock Protocol, brought a large amount of changes to Waframe. While the update was filled numerous changes and additions to the game, there were some changes that were not as great as Aaron hoped.

Neverwinter Outlines Changes to Scaling System

A recent blog post has shared some upcoming scaling changes coming to Neverwinter.

Zenimax Shares Ideas for Addressing Attacks in Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax has shared some new info on how they're planning to address combat issues for light and heavy attacks in Elder Scrolls Online.

Path of Exile Outlines Atlas of Worlds Changes

Path of Exile is receiving changes to the Atlas of Worlds as per their latest community update.

Weapon Tweaks a Big Focus for Bungie This Week in Destiny 2

Weapons are the main focus at Bungie for Destiny 2 this week.