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World of Warcraft Tweaks Sylvanas Encounter Whilst The Race For World First The Sanctum Begins

Blizzard announced some changes coming to the Sylvanas Windrunner encounter in World of Warcraft's Chains of Domination update, as well as announced the race to world first the Sanctum of Domination.

Shadowlands 9.1 Drops Today, Interviews Reveal More Details on Story, Torghast Changes

Whether you're for the Horde or for the Alliance, today is the day where you can continue pledging your allegiance as Shadowlands 9.1 Chains of Domination drops for World of Warcraft drops.

World of Warcraft: What To Do To Prepare For 9.1

With World of Warcraft's Chains of Domination update fast approaching, players are getting ready for what the upcoming content update will throw at them. Here is a handy little list for those looking for ways to prepare themselves for the Shadowlands update.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands' Chains of Domination 9.1 Patch Goes Live June 29th

The next major content drop for World of Warcraft Shadowlands will be coming later this month. The 9.1 Chains of Domination patch will go live in retail WoW on June 29th.

World of Warcraft Details Maw Updates Coming In Chains Of Domination, Ranked Arena Play Coming To The Burning Crusade Classic

In a new post, Blizzard has detailed how the May is being updated with the upcoming 9.1 update for World of Warcraft's Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft Details Its Flying Mechanics In Shadowlands' 9.1 Patch

Flying in MMOs can be a divissive topic, but for better or worse, depending on your angle, its here to stay. Blizzard took to its website to detail just how it will work when Chains of Domination, the 9.1 patch for World of Warcraft Shadowlands, hits later this year.

Here Are Your WoW Chains of Domination PTR Patch Notes

In case you missed it, Blizzard published Chains of Domination PTR notes for World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion. These notes are pretty extensive and cover off classes, Covenants, PvP, and much, much more.

It Looks Like World Of Warcraft's Shadowlands 9.1 Patch Could Be In Beta Soon

Shadowlands players are waiting for the next major patch to continue the story started last fall with the release of World of Warcraft's latest expansion. It looks like the wheels are turning to get Chains of Domination in the testing phase.

Chains of Domination is the Latest Content Drop for World of Warcraft Shadowlands - Check Out The Trailer

New Shadowlands information was revealed at BlizzConline called Chains of Domination. Here's what you can expect in this latest content drop for World of Warcraft.