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Today, EVE Online Launches in Simplified Chinese Alongside a Lunar New Year Event

It's Lunar New Year in New Eden, as EVE Online officially adds simplified Chinese support and launches a Year of the Rabbit event.

Can EVE Online Ride Its Uprising Momentum Into The Third Decade?

EVE Online has had a great end of 2022 thanks to the success of their recent Uprising expansion. But can CCP Games ride that momentum into the third decade as EVE celebrates 20 years this year?

EVE Online's 2023 Roadmap Includes Two Expansions, Excel Integration, And QoL Changes

EVE Online feels poised to have a good 2023 as it celebrates its 20th birthday this year, and with its content roadmap reveal this morning, the company is being plenty ambitious. Two expansions will release, according to CCP Games, as well as some much needed quality of life changes.

CCP Looks Back at 2022 in EVE Online and Ahead into the Future and Third Decade

CCP is looking back over 2022 in EVE Online, with a special video and many stats on just what both the studio and the Capsuleer community accomplished.

EVE Online Welcomes Players to Nuevo Edén With Official Spanish Launch Celebrations

EVE Online is officially welcoming people to Nuevo Edén with the official launch of its Spanish edition, along with a new video announcement and events and happenings to celebrate the release.

CCP Games Announces EVE Fanfest 2023 Dates; Celebrates 20 Years Of EVE Online

EVE Online's Fanfest is a go for next year, taking players again to a volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic, Iceland. This coming Fanfest is a big one, as CCP Games is celebrating 20 years of EVE Online.

EVE Online Launches Its Uprising Expansion, Bringing Expansive Changes To Faction Warfare

EVE Online's expansion, Uprising, has now officially been released, hitting New Eden and bringing fundamental changes to one of the MMO's game systems: faction warfare.

The Largest EVE Online PVP Free For All Event Is In Jeopardy Thanks To Opportunism

The largest player-run free-for-all PvP events in EVE Online is now in jeopardy thanks to the opportunism of one of the MMO's most notorious Alliances.

Another Star Is Being Harvested In EVE Online As Ramp To Uprising Intesifies

EVE Online has been pushing a narrative focus for the last few years, and with the recent Uprising expansion announcement, it's kicking into high gear.

EVE Online's Uprising Expansion Launches On November 8th, Fully Unveils New Navy Dreadnoughts

EVE Online is gearing up for its upcoming Uprising expansion, and to celebrate the announcement that it will launch next week on November 8th, CCP Games has fully unveiled the rest of the new ships coming to the MMO.

EVE Online Holding Mass Test Today to Test Uprising's Heraldry Emblems on Server Performance

With the Uprising expansion on the way, EVE Online will hold a special mass test event today to test new corporation and alliance emblems in the new Heraldry system on the way.

EVE Vegas 2022 Interview: Warping From Player To Developer At CCP Games

CCP Games feels almost unique in the amount of players who have made the jump to developing the game they've loved for so long. Bradford sat down with two such developers, CCP Swift and CCP Spider this past weekend during EVE Vegas to talk about their paths from player to developer.

EVE Online Announces Four New Ships, Expanded Fittings And More Ahead Of Uprising Expansion

During the player organized EVE Vegas event this weekend, CCP Games announced to capsuleers in attendance some more goodies coming to New Eden this year, namely four new ships, expanded fittings including Alliance fittings, and an increase in county payouts to name a few.

EVE Online's Latest Scope Video Details The Gains Of The Amarr Empire, Sets Up Story For Uprising Expansion

Narrative has become one of the major pillars EVE Online developer CCP Games has been pushing for years now, and the last few major updates have proved this out over the years. The story itself continues with the latest Scope video, detailing the gains of the Amarr Empire and the growing concerns of its repurposing abandoned Triglavian technology in New Eden.

Interview: Talking EVE Online's Community Excitement, EVE Uprising And More With CCP Games

EVE Online has felt as though it's been in a holding pattern these past months since May's Fanfest 2022. And in some way it has been, as the team preps for its first expansion in years to the sci-fi MMO.