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EVE Online's Largest Player-Led PvP Event Celebrates 10 Years, Kicks Off April 20th

EVE Online is defined by its players, so it's fitting that one of the largest PvP events outside of warfare is run by the very people who make up the fabric of New Eden. The 10th Annual Frigate Free For All Event kicks off this Saturday, giving players both new and old alike a way to play PvP without risking it all.

New EVE Online Scope Video Talks New Upwell Prototype In Auviken As CCP Takes A Closer Look At A Titan

EVE Online's narrative doesn't smack you in the face like other MMOs, instead it's slowly peeled back in layers like an onion. This latest episode involves the Upwell Consortium and a mysterious prototype hovering in the system of Auviken.

5000 EVE Online Players Are Fighting In One Of High Sec's Most Trafficked Systems

Early this morning, a fight erupted over multiple structures in the High Sec system of Perimeter in EVE Online, one of the most trafficked and important systems in the MMO.

EVE Vanguard's First Strike Playtests Continue Tomorrow, With New Mining Options, and More Improvements

You could jump into a different New Eden in EVE Vanguard, the upcoming sci-fi sandbox FPS on the way, as CCP has announced more on the next First Strike playtest, which begins tomorrow.

CCP Games Reveals 'Single-Shard Survival Experience' Project Awakening, Next Playtest in May

The first details about Project Awakening, CCP's in-development "single-shard survival experience" are here, along with the announcement of Phase III testing, starting in May.

Reminiscing On The Universe-Wide Journey Of EVE Online's Katia Sae, Five Years Later 

An EVE Online player has gone where no player has gone--or at least, has gone everywhere a player can go.

Project Awakening Speculation Ramps Up After CSM Impressions Shared, With CCP Set to Reveal More Soon

CCP is planning to reveal some more about Project Awakening soon, and there's some new speculation based on impressions from the recent CSM meeting.

EVE Online Launcher Replaced With Brand New One

Change is in the air for capsuleers, as the old EVE Online launcher has been replaced by a brand new one in order to deepen the immersion. 

EVE Vanguard Tests Now Live As EVE Online Drops Latest Pulse Update

EVE Vanguard is back for Founders to test now through January 29th, while EVE Online celebrates its recent updates with a new Pulse video.

EVE: War for New Eden Board Game Kickstarter Opens, Hits Over $195k and Growing in a Day

EVE: War for New Eden is a strategy board game adaptation based on EVE Online made by Titan Forge Games under a deal with CCP. The game's Kickstarter launched yesterday with a €50,000 goal (roughly $54,377), hitting over $195,000 as of this writing, and unlocking nearly all the current stretch goals .

EVE Online's 2024 Roadmap Aims To Bring Two Expansions, New Vanguard Map This Year

CCP Games laid out its 2024 roadmap today, with the developer aiming to bring two expansions in 2024 to EVE Online, as well as a new map for its FPS module, EVE Vanguard.

EVE Online's Insurgencies Are Intensifying As CCP Games Preps For Next Week's Vanguard Test

EVE Online's Havoc expansion is seeing some changes to its Insurgency mode as CCP Games add the Ambition Modifier to, hopefully, make them more balanced and intense. Meanwhile, the company is also gearing up for next week's test of its FPS module, Vanguard.

EVE Vanguard Roadmap Shows Upcoming Testing Schedule While CCP Games Looks Back On First Strike Learnings

Since the First Strike event wrapped earlier this month for EVE Online's FPS module, EVE Vanguard, CCP Games has been crunching the data. Ahead of the holiday break, the team laid out its early 2024 roadmap and talked about what they have learned from the first of many tests.

Latest EVE Online Pulse Video Recaps Its Stellar 20th Anniversary Year

The latest Pulse video from the EVE Online team recaps the year that was 2023, its 20th anniversary year, all from the heart of Jita 4-4.

EVE Vanguard Players Blasted Each Other Over 100K Times In Recent First Strike Test

EVE Vanguard's fist test, First Strike, has come and gone, and CCP Games has revealed some interesting tidbits from the test, including the fact that over 100 thousand Vanguard clones were killed by other Vanguards.