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Opinion: Camelot Unchained's Launch Hype is Dividing Its Fans

Camelot Unchained is meant to be the spiritual successor of Mark Jacobs' Dark Age of Camelot and seeks to become one of the newest PvP-focused MMORPGs on the block. However, the development has been maligned by delays, the announcement of a new game, and more. And some of these issues, according to Kanishka, has divided its fanbase.

Opinion: Lawsuits Be Damned, Chronicles of Elyria is a Farce and Must End Now | MMOWTF

The money has been spent, the game is veritably nonexistent, and yet, the developer still has the audacity to talk about the future, after fleecing so many over a promise that will never materialize. Chronicles of Elyria, Kingdoms of Elyria, and projects like it must end now!

Camelot Unchained Brings the Harvest in Latest Update

After a busy spring for the City State Entertainment team, they decided it was time to prepare for Summer with a focus on Camelot Unchained's new gameplay feature, harvesting. In addition to explaining some of the features of the new system, the team provided plenty of art and screen captures related to harvesting.

Camelot Unchained Set to Open EU Server for Weekend Testing

Are you a Camelot Unchained backer in the EU and you've been wishing that you could help test the game at a respectable latency? You may be in luck, as the City State Entertainment team is planning on opening its first EU server in Germany. Learn more about it in this article, along with some developmental updates, including everyone's favorite - concept art!

Camelot Unchained Posts Progress Update, Tech Improvements and Plenty of Art

After skipping a full update in March, Senior Producer Terry Coleman pieced together what the team has been working on over the past month for Camelot Unchained. The long news post details a lot of the progress the team has made on their backend technology in March, but as always, a Camelot Unchained post wouldn't be complete without a heft dose of concept art!

Opinion: VR Is The Future MMORPGs Need

Nick examines the MMORPG genre, its stagnation, and how VR MMOs might be the next evolution of the genre itself.

Camelot Unchained Details Heavy Fighter Changes in July's Newsletter

Bit by bit Camelot Unchained is working towards new stages of testing, and in the latest newsletter, Kara outlines changes to the Heavy Fighter class, and announces the first testing phase of the Coastal Lowlands.

Camelot Unchained Talks Hiring and More in Community Newsletter

The latest community newsletter for Camelot Unchained talks hiring, fixes, and other development updates.

Camelot Unchained's Latest Newsletter States 'No Gear or Armor Will Drop from an NPC Encounter'

As we ease into July, the latest newsletter from the team at City State Games is right on time to provide the most recent state of development in their upcoming MMORPG Camelot Unchained. As with previous Camelot Unchained newsletters, a series of lengthy explanations and detailed concept art were in full display.

Camelot Unchained's Mark Jacobs Talks Delays, Refunds and Rival Game AoC During Q&A Stream

Camelot Unchained saw a little bit of a slow down in communication in the past couple of months, and in the latest Twitch Livestream, Lead Designer Mark Jacobs explains what prompted the delay, and when the team will return to form.

Camelot Unchained Talked Jotnar, Lighting And More In Latest Update Newsletter

Camelot Unchained released their Top Tenish newsletter last week, this time talking about some of the upcoming races, their lighting and more.

Camelot Unchained's Latest: More Art Concepts and Design Changes, as Testing Continues

In the latest newsletter from City State Entertainment, concept artist Kara Stover walks through what the Camelot Unchained team has been up to recently. The long and detailed newsletter dives into some of the changes headed to the game related to Combat and Travel stances, and some details were provided on the progress made to the Golden Plains biome, which is in preparation for testing now.

Camelot Unchained Talks Movement, Alchemy And NPC Combat Behavior In Latest Top Tenish Post

Camelot Unchained recently provided some updates on the MMO's development, detailing the alchemy system a bit further, as well as some of the MMO's current work-in-progress systems, such as movement, NPC archery and more.

Fir Bogs Added to Camelot Unchained Experimental Patcher

Fir Bogs have been enabled in the Camelot Unchained patcher, plus more from February's Top Tenish.

Camelot Unchained Releases Their Latest Newsletter - 'Back on Track with a 90 Day Plan'

In the latest newsletter from City State Games, the team is happy to report that they are back on track with their Camelot Unchained 90-Day plan. The plan was also delved into during the last livestream by Mark Jacobs.