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Red Dead Online's Call To Arms Adds Double Currency And Experience Rewards

Red Dead Online's latest update sees players able to earn double the rewards in survival modes. Rockstar announced earlier today that players should see an uptick in RDO$ and XP handed out for Call to Arms.

Albion Online Call to Arms Patch 8 Brings Increased Lethal Hellgate Rewards

Albion Online has received Patch 8 for its Call to Arms update. This update brings an increase in rewards to lethal Hellgates in addition to several quality of life improvements.

Albion Online Patch Call to Arms Patch 5/6 Brings Hellgates Updates, Combat Rebalance, More

Albion Online's Call to Arms update released back in March and brought about several new features. This latest patch, patch 5/6, continues to improve the content by brining combat rebalancing, updates to Hellgates, and more.

Albion Online Brings Big Hellgate Improvements In Latest Patch

Albion Online's Call to Arms patch has received a balance pass, bringing improvements to the Hellgate content, as well as balancing combat within the MMO.

Albion Online Hotfix Addresses Hunter Challenge Issues

The Albion Online team have identified some issues with their Hunter Challenge event. Fortunately, a hotfix is due to be deployed today to correct these issues. The hotfix should be deployed during maintenance, and here's what you can expect.

Albion Online Call to Arms Patch 2 Arrives Along with Moose Mount

Albion Online's second patch for their Call to Arms update is now live. And, if you're the type who enjoys collecting mounts, this one might interest you. There's a tame moose mouse available as part of this latest update.

Albion Online's Rites of Spring Event Underway

The Rites of Spring event is underway in Albion Online giving you the chance at earning some event rewards by hunting down eggs.

Albion Online's Call to Arms Patch Live - Patch Notes, Release Trailer Now Available

Albion Online has been hyping their Call to Arms update over the past several weeks, and today, the wait is over. The Call to Arms update will introduce a reworked Faction Warfare System, a new playable faction, and much more.

Hellgates Rework Arrive in Albion Online as Part of Call to Arms Update

As part of the upcoming Call to Arms update arriving to Albion Online today, the Hellgate Rework is the latest feature outlined in a recent dev talk.

Albion Online Details Loadouts System Arriving March 17 in Call to Arms Update

Albion Online is set to receive a loadouts system in the upcoming Call to Arms update on March 17. Here are some details.

Albion Online's Call to Arms Update Releases March 17th

In Albion Online's Call to Arms update, players will need to prepare themselves for a complete rework of Faction Warfare. A new playable faction, new mounts and more has also been added.

Albion Online Talks Upcoming Faction Warfare Changes In New DevTalk Video

With the Call to Arms update coming soon for Albion Online, Game Director Robin Henkys took to YouTube to discuss the upcoming changes to Faction Warfare.

Albion Online Dev Talk Talks Call To Arms Update, Featuring Faction Warfare 2.0, Re-Envisioned Hellgates And More

In their latest De Talk, Game Director for Albion Online, Robin Henkys previewed the next major content update for the MMO, Call to Arms.

ArcheAge Equipment Growth and Call to Arms Event Extended to June 11

ArcheAge's Equipment Growth and Call to Arms event has been extended until June 11. Here's the scoop.