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Is There A Game You Go Back To When You're Burnt Out On Your Current One?

Last week, Jonathan talked about being burnt out in EverQuest II in his latest Norrathian Stride column. It got Bradford thinking: when he gets burnt out on the genre or a game in general, he has a go-to that is always installed. Do you have a go-to game or genre when you feel burnt out on an MMO?

Norrathian Stride - Dealing With Burn Out In EverQuest 2

J is having some issues with burn out. Playing through EverQuest 2 right now as he gets his way up to the current content, doing it solo has become a slog. Is this something you feel in an MMO as well, especially when the social parts of the MMO are nonexistent for large stretches?

MMOSide Chat - Have You Ever Been Burnt Out By A Single MMO, Or The Genre In General?

Bradford takes a look at burn out in MMOs, asking the question: "Have you ever been burnt out by a single MMO, or the genre itself?"