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New Destiny 2 Dungeon Warlord's Ruin Opens, Deepening the Challenge in Season of the Wish

Warlord's Ruin awaits in Destiny 2. The newest dungeon, and the second of Lightfall, arrives as part of the new Season of the Wish update that opened up this week.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Opens, With New Dungeon, Weekly Story Mission, and a Witcher Collaboration

Season of the Wish, the final Lightfall season, is here for Destiny 2. Expect weekly story missions, a new Witcher collaboration, a new dungeon, group finder, and more to lead into The Final Shape.

Bungie Officially Confirms Destiny 2: The Final Shape Delay, Coming On June 4th

Bungie's upcoming expansion for Destiny 2 was reportedly delayed, though the company never came out and confirmed those reports. Now they have, announcing that Destiny 2: The Final Shape will officially launch on June 4th, with prelude content leading up to the release.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Gets Details and Ominous Teaser

Last week, the Destiny 2 community solved a special in-game puzzle that revealed the setup for the final season before next year's The Final Shape expansion. There's a new teaser out today for this final season, Season of the Wish.

Sony Has Delayed Half Of Its Line Up Of Upcoming Live Service Games

Sony, who announced plans to create twelve new live service games by the end of its FY2025, has now delayed half of them, according to the company's latest earnings call.

Bungie CEO Says Layoffs Were The Result Of Destiny 2 Underperforming, Misses Revenue Targets By 45%

After the news that Bungie laid off staffers hit earlier this week, new information has come out explaining exactly why this happened and the extent of the layoffs. This is amid reports that the sales targets at Bungie were 45% below expectations for the year.

Layoffs Hit Bungie As Destiny 2 Expansion The Final Shape Is Delayed

Bungie has laid off some of its staff, according to a report by Bloomberg as well as multiple now former Bungie developers on Twitter this morning. Additionally, the Sony-owned studio has pushed back the release of its next Destiny 2 expansion as well as the target window for its upcoming game, Marathon.

Destiny 2: Season of the Witch is a Step in the Right Direction by Bungie

Destiny 2's Season of the Witch has come to an end, and Kanishka looks at why it might be what redeems the Lightfall era's mediocre start in his latest.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Is Launching February 27th, 2024; Dropping Seasonal Model

The next expansion for Bungie's Destiny 2 is coming next February. Titled "The Final Shape," the continuation of the MMOFPS storyline takes players inside the Traveler itself. Also coming are new Episodes, replacing the current Seasonal model for Destiny 2.

Bungie Shares Destiny 2 Reactions Video and More Details on Next Week's Showcase

Bungie is gettins us all ready for next week's Destiny 2 showcase with a new video showing off reactions to Destiny 2 story developments by fans all over the world. They've also shared some details about next week's showcase, including Twitch Drops.

Destiny 2 State of the Game Letter Reveals Goals, New Maps and Changes On the Way

Bungie has a new "State of the Game" letter for Destiny 2. This new letter comes ahead of this month's Destiny 2 Showcase, but highlights some key updates to expect, goals, and more.

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon is Live, Deep in the Titan Methane Sea

New Destiny 2 dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, is now live. A launch trailer takes us into the challenging dungeon, which is located in the depths of Titan's methane sea.

Cayde-6 Returns in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, to Conclude Light & Darkness Saga

Destiny 2 may have released a big expansion not too long ago with Lightfall, but Bungie made a big splash at the PlayStation Showcase with a brief clip confirming the surprise return of Cayde-6 and the next expansion, The Final Shape.

Bungie Revives Its Marathon IP As An Upcoming PvP Extraction Shooter

Bungie announced their first new game series since Destiny, reviving its old Marathon IP. Billed as an extraction looter shooter, the upcoming game is based on the old Bungie series from the '90s.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Adds Weekly Missions, Activities, and Fishing

Destiny 2 opens up Season of The Deep with today's big update. In addition to new features, activities, story missions, and fishing, there are some special crossover items from various PlayStation franchises.