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Brawler And Legendary Item Revamp Coming To LotRO Preview Server This Week

If you've been eager to finally see what the team at Standing Stone Games had in store for both its first new class in years as well as the much anticipated legendary item revamp, this is a good week to be a Lord of the Rings Online player then. Both will be available to check out starting Wednesday on the Bullroarer test server this week.

LOTRO Producer Raninia Talks When We Can Expect Legendary Items in Bullroarer

In a recent community live stream, the Lord of the Rings Online Producer Oleg "Raninia" Brodskiy shared more details on legendary items' long-awaited arrival, and more.

LotRO's Next 12-Player Raid, Fall of Khazad-dûm, Begins Testing This Week

The Lord of the Rings Online's Bullroarer server has been spun up to start testing Update 30, and with it the next raid in the MMORPG. This 12-player raid, called Fall of Khazad-dûm is slated be tested this week, with the first test happening today.

LOTRO Rep Accelerators Will Now Bind to Character, Will Have Max Usage Level of 100 in Latest Test Server Update

A new update to the Bullroarer test server in Lord of the Rings Online brings changes to the rep accelerators which will now bind to characters once acquired, and will feature a max usage level of 100. The community reacts.

LOTRO Update 28.2 Preview Available in Bullroarer Till Tomorrow

If you're looking to check out some monster play balance changes in Lord of the Rings Online, you have till tomorrow to preview Update 28.2 in the Bullroarer test server.

New Test Server Update For LOTRO Brings Scaleable Missions

The Lord of the Rings Online's test server is running again, and this time will allow players to test out new, scaleable missions. Additionally, the multi-tiered raid for The War of Three Peaks brings the fourth tier to the test server.

LOTRO's War of the Three Peaks Receives Raid, Instances, and More on Bullroarer

Standing Stone Games has provide notes for LOTRO's Update 28 including new details for War of the Three Peaks.

LOTRO's Bullroarer Open Through July 31, Bringing Database Wipe

LOTRO's Bullroarer server is open once again, but only through Friday, July 31 at 10a EDT. Here's what's changed.

LOTRO Previews 'Tournament of the Twins,' Coming Soon to Bullroarer Server

The Tournament of the Twins has been teased for the Bullroarer Lord of the Rings Online server in Update 26.2 and will run for a limited time.