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Valheim's Deathsquitoes Are The Literal Worst

On our journeys around Valheim's world, we've encountered scary beasts, such as the wretched Draugr in the swamp, or the Goblin-like Furlings in the Plains. But nothing could have prepared my group of Vikings for what is becoming Valheim's deadliest denizen: the Deathsquito.

Valheim Bug Is Destroying Worlds, Though It's Pretty Rare To Encounter

If you've been playing Valheim, you might want to back up your files, just in case. A bug is running wild in the survival sim, and while the team states it's pretty rare, you might want to take precautions on how to fix your game should you run into the World Destroyer.

Wolcen Hotfix Aims to Fix Tons of Bugs

A new hotfix for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, specifically hotfix, has released for the game and aims to squash a ton of bugs.

Wolcen's Hotfix Squashes A Lot of Bugs

A new hotfix for Wolcen has been released which aims to squash a vast swathe of bugs.

OPINION: Cyberpunk 2077's Launch Woes Are Frankly Unacceptable

To say Cyberpunk 2077 has launched to both fanfare and mired in controversy would be an understatement. Players are praising the game for its world and visuals on PC, but console players are having a completely different experience. And frankly, it's unacceptable.

Revelation Online Provides Update on Battle for Voras Issues

Remember the Battle for Voras issues we reported on plaguing Revelation Online? Well, it looks like those issues have persisted as per a new update from the team.

Frontier Investigating Elite: Dangerous Fleet Carrier Bugs

The launch of Elite: Dangerous' much anticipated Fleet Carriers update has not been without issue. It looks like Frontier is aware of them and is investigating solutions.

Wolcen Shares Known Issues

The Wolcen team have shared known issues as part of