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Amazon Opens New World Fresh Start Servers and Puts the Game On Sale for 50% Off

New World has begun opening up its Fresh Start Worlds, and Amazon has put the game on sale for 50% off to entice more folks into a freshly revamped Aeternum.

New World Update 1.7.1 is Focused on Fixes to Quests, Encounters, and Balance

One day before New World will begin opening up its Fresh Start Worlds, Amazon has announced the next update, which will primarily focus on fixing some issues following the Brimstone Sands update.

New World's New Player Experience Is Step In The Right Direction

New World recently launched its Brimstone Sands update, but with it came a revamped new player experience. Bradford shares his thoughts after spending some time with the new content.

New World Team Talks Updated Roadmap, New Expedition, the Impact of Brimstone Sands on Future Content

The New World team is back with another monthly development video, this time covering an updated roadmap, events, a new Expedition, fighting that giant sandworm, and Brimstone Sands' influence on future content.

New World Continues Patching Brimstone Sands Bugs, With Some Workarounds Until More Fixes Come

The New World team continues patching some of the issues that have come up since the Brimstone Sands update this week. 

New World Patches and Re-Opens Content, As Brimstone Sands and Monarch's Bluffs Get New Tour Videos

The New World team has patched the issues that led them to temporarily disable some features, which are now all back. There are some new Touring Aeternum videos showing off the creatures, territory, and mysteries of Brimstone Sands and Monarch's Bluffs.

New World Brimstone Sands Brings a New Zone, Revamped Early Game, New Expedition, and Story Content

Brimstone Sands is live today in New World, adding the anticipated huge new desert zone, a new expedition, new story content, overhauled early game experience, the Greatsword, and some new servers too.

New World Adding More Servers For Brimstone Sands, 'Queue Mitigation', and Transfers for Returning Players

With Brimstone Sands going live tomorrow, New World will add even more new servers, as well as queue mitigation plans that include standby servers ready to open. There are also free server transfers to the new servers for some returning players.

New World Offers a Peek into the Desert and the Imposing Greatsword in a New Showcase

Brimstone Sands is coming to New World next week on October 18th, and Amazon Game Studios is previewing one new aspect of the content coming in the update: The Greatsword.

Amazon Shares New World Server Population Chart With Risk Level of Queues When Brimstone Sands is Live

Amazon shared a New World server population chart showing which are at risk of queues or even being temporarily locked once the Brimstone Sands update is live.

New World Continues Adding Servers With Four Regions Getting A New Option Today

Amazon has announced another round of server openings for New World. One server will open in Central Europe, US West, US East, and South America to continue to support increased demand.

New World's PTR Is Live With The Upcoming Brimstone Sands Release

New World's upcoming major content drop, the Brimstone Sands update, has hit the public test realm, giving players the chance to check it out before it launches on the live servers next month.

Amazon Adds Another EU Server To New World To Help Ease Its Increasing Population Size

As the upcoming Brimstone Sands update is set to release next month, players have been jumping back into New World to prep for what is the largest content drop for the new MMO to date. As a result, Amazon has had to increase server population capacity and add more worlds. They've done so again, this time adding a Central European server to the mix.

New World's Next Big Update Revamps New Player Experience, Adds Brimstone Sands Zone In October

New World's next major update brings with it a host of changes, as well as the largest zone built in Amazon's MMO to date. But it might not be the hot desert of Brimstone Sands that raises the most eyebrows when this new update hits New World in October. A year after releasing, Amazon is completely revamping the New Player Experience, specifically with an aim to ease onboarding and center on the main story.