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'Warcraft: Sylvanas' Book Releasing November 9, Narrated by Sylvanas Voice Actress

So here's something fun for all you Horde. A new World of Warcraft book called Warcraft: Sylvanas is set to release on November 9 and, as you guessed it, chronicles Sylvanas Windrunner to provide her definitive story.

'RuneScape: The First 20 Years' Hitting Bookshelves In October

Fans of RuneScape may have some more reading on their hands. RuneScape: The First 20 Years--An Illustrated History is set to release this fall.

New Official World of Warcraft Book Explores Kalimdor

There's a new World of Warcraft book in the works by Blizzard taking a look at Kalimdor.