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5 RPGS I Wished We Saw At E3 2021

E3 2021 has come and gone, and whilst we got plenty of surprises and cool games thrown at our collective faces, there were some noticeable omissions from the gaming mecca. Here are five RPGs Bradford wishes we saw during E3 2021 this past week.

Blue Protocol's Latest Stream Details the State of Development - New Class Announced

If you missed the latest Blue Protocol stream, or perhaps, if you saw it but couldn't understand it because it was in Japanese, don't fret too much, as we have put together a quick recap of what was shown.

Blue Protocol Is Hosting A Developer Update On May 27th

Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco's anime-inspired MMO is gearing up for a developer update, the team announced today via Twitter. The upcoming update will take place on YouTube and will debut on May 27th.

Blue Protocol Shows Off Its Photo Mode In The Upcoming MMO

Screenshots can be incredibly fulfilling and artistic to capture in video games, giving a chance to share what's happening or something beautiful with your friends whilst you play. Blue Protocol is adding a photo mode to allow even the most fledgling digital photographer create dynamic pictures...or the occasional selfie.

Blue Protocol Introduces a Healing NPC in their Latest Update

Bandai Namco's highly anticipated game Blue Protocol released a small teaser tweet that shows off a healing NPC known as "Yee".

Blue Protocol's Latest Tweet Introduces a QoL Feature - The 'Shortcut Ring'

In the latest Blue Protocol tweet outlining the development of the game, a quality-of-life feature known as the "Shortcut Ring" was shown, as a way to expand quick access components during play.

Blue Protocol Teases Two Combat Videos Showcasing Melee Attacks

As we continue to wait for more Blue Protocol information, such as, when we can expect the game to officially head to the west, Bandai Namco has attempted to satiate potential players with two combat videos shared via twitter.

Blue Protocol Teases a New Zone - Salamzart Oasis

Blue Protocol recently teased a new zone known as the Salamzart Oasis, in a tweet showing the mountainous sand and stone region, along with one of its steely, or perhaps scaly, protectors.

Blue Protocol Holds a Project Recruitment Briefing, New Data-Mined Info Surfaces

Blue Protocol is shaping up to be a pretty interesting MMO, and BANDAI NAMCO Studios planned a recruitment briefing for interested parties with experience in game development, or those interested in Blue Protocols development and looking for experience. This week, BlueProtocolDB also released some datamined info that will certainly be of interest to potential Blue Protocol players.  

Blue Protocol Developer Livestream Provides Plenty of Info, Japanese Closed Beta Imminent

Another closed beta test for Blue Protocol will begin on November 7th, but those interested in testing will have to be a resident of Japan. The developer livestream that provided additional information on Closed Beta, also gave players a better look at what players can expect from Blue Protocol.

It Looks Like A Lot Of People Want to Play Blue Protocol

Well, it looks like a bunch of people really want in on the Blue Protocol beta, so much so that servers were absolutely crushed.

Blue Protocol Beta Invites Are Trickling Out Now, Beta Starts April 23

Closed beta invites for Blue Protocol are trickling out now with the test starting on April 23.

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Delayed, Cites Coronavirus

The closed beta for Blue Protocol has been delayed. The culprit? Coronavirus.

Blue Protocol Is Hitting Japan First According to Developer

The anime-inspired MMORPG, Blue Protocol, has been in the news a lot lately, and a new developer quote gives credence to the fact it could be hitting the West.

Blue Protocol Will Be Free-to-Play According To New Stream

Bandai Namco has made known via a new stream that their upcoming MMORPG, Blue Protocol, will be free-to-play, though it will still have microtransactions.

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