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BioWare's Studio Retrospective Gives Update On Hiring Policy Changes, Regaining Fans' Trust

In a legnthy post on the BioWare Blog, studio general manager Gary McKay took a look back on 2021 and its set of challenges, as well as talked about the future of what BioWare will look like, especially as it looks to hiring new talent to help make its next games. McKay also touched on the need to build back fan and community trust after the hardships that 2021 brought on.

Crowfall Celebrates with Co-Founder Update - 'Going Live is Not the End of the Journey - it is the Beginning'

In MMORPG's, the destination is often not as important as the journey, and in Crowfall, the recent announcement of their July release doesn't signal the end of that journey for ArtCraft entertainment, but the beginning.

Atlas Q&A Talks Optimization, New Ships, More

The most recent Q&A for Atlas takes touches on optimization, new ships, and more.