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'We have to continue': Ubisoft Blockchain Head Doubles Down On Web3 Efforts

In an interview, the head of blockchain at Ubisoft said the company will be digging into its effort to develop the Web3 game space.

Covenant Child, New Blockchain-Based 'Play to Earn' MMORPG Enters Global Open Beta

Covenant Child, an upcoming blockchain MMORPG with a play-to-earn model, has begun a global open beta. 

Abyss Online Team Q&A Addresses Controversies, Leaving Blockchain Behind, and Fleshes Out Their Vision

The team behind Abyss Online is responding to questions about the project's original blockchain-based origins, about controversial monetization, and the new direction for the in-development sandbox MMORPG.

Blockchain MMO Blankos Block Party Loses Senior Level Designer

Last week, Josh "The Foreman" Foreman, the Senior Level Designer for Blankos Block Party, announced his departure from the Mythical Games development team.

Blockchain MMOs and The Metaverse Had Setbacks but Are Far from Being Abandoned (For Now) | MMONFT

The metaverse has not been particularly well received, nor has it matured in a positive way that would influence the industry as investors initially expected. Should it be abandoned?

CCP Games Announces It's Raised $40M In Funding For New Blockchain Game, Project Awakening

CCP Games has been working on a game leveraging blockchain for some time now. This has been known for a while, as both CCP Games and parent company Pearl Abyss have said in the past year. Now, CCP Games has announced it has raised $40 million in funding for its upcoming triple-A blockchain title, Project Awakening.

Pre-Registration Campaign With Rewards Opens For Upcoming Blockchain-Based Dekaron G

Pre-registration has begun for Dekaron G, the latest reboot of an older MMORPG, in this case the original Dekaron. The game is the global rebrand of Dekaron M, which is on mobile in Korea. 

Legions & Legends, a New Blockchain Collectibles and Combat RPG, in the Works from Former EA Devs

Legions & Legends is the upcoming debut title from developer Azra Games. The title is described as a "collectibles and combat RPG" built on the blockchain and will be playable sometime this year. 

Nexon Will Create MapleStory Universe, With Blockchain and NFTs, With MapleStory N Coming First

Nexon to start rolling out blockchain gaming and NFTs using one of its top franchises, MapleStory, and creating a MapleStory Universe as its metaverse platform. Active players will get a bigger payout on trades.

Cross-Platform MMORPG-Lite Tatsumeeko Gets $7.5m Investment for the Fantasy Blockchain Game

Tatsumeeko has raised $7.5 million in seed funding for development of its cross-platform fantasy MMORPG with blockchain elements. This announcement also came with a new teaser trailer for the game, which will be playable on the web, mobile devices, and Discord.

Legends Of Aria Is Delisting From Steam At The End Of June

Legends of Aria, the MMO-turned-pay-to-earn blockchain game, has announced it will be delisting from Steam at the end of this month as they start to prep for its relaunch as a crypto title.

Fantasy Action MMORPG Kritika Global Launches With Blockchain and Play to Earn Elements To Roll Out

Kritika Global, a successor to Kritika Online, is now out worldwide, marking the official launch of the anime-inspired fantasy action MMORPG with blockchain and play to earn elements. 

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Has Crypto-Tokens, But That's Not the Worst Part of the Game | MMONFT

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a cross-play mobile and PC MMORPG that released on May 25th and took a lot of players by surprise with the inclusion of blockchain. Steven finds that blockchain is not the worst part of the game after all.

Riders of Icarus is Going Play to Earn Aboard the Wemix Platform

Riders of Icarus is the latest title that will be going "play to earn". Publisher Valofe will bring the game aboard the Wemix blockchain platform soon.

Bless Unleashed is Adding 'Play to Earn' Elements Via Wemix Blockchain Deal

Valofe and Korean publisher WeMade have joined to onboard Bless Unleashed onto the Wemix blockchain platform and add play to earn elements.