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Is Free to Play Monetization 'Doomed to Collapse'? | One Good Roll

Is there any weight to the opinion that the free to play model will inevitably collapse, and be replaced by something else? Or will free to play be here to stay?

Console Versions of Bless Unleashed Shutting Down in November

After two years publishing Round8's Bless Unleashed on consoles, Neowiz has announced that the the servers will shut down at the end of November.

Will Play to Earn Become the New Free to Play?

Before the age of Satoshi's, meme coins and the overwhelming rejection of acronyms such as NFT, we MMORPG players were graced with another distasteful choice in monetization schemes. The rise of the, once hated, but now widely accepted, Free to Play model has stood the test of time. Will Play to Earn go the same way?

Bless Unleashed is Adding 'Play to Earn' Elements Via Wemix Blockchain Deal

Valofe and Korean publisher WeMade have joined to onboard Bless Unleashed onto the Wemix blockchain platform and add play to earn elements.

VALOFE Takes Over Development and Publishing for Bless Unleashed PC in January

Bless Unleashed PC is getting a new publisher. Under a development and publishing arrangement, Neowiz is handing over operations to VALOFE next month.

Bless Unleashed Adds Six New Time Dungeons, Field Boss, Duels and More in Major Update

 There's a brand new major update for Bless Unleashed, with six new Time Dungeons, including a completely new one, new Lair challenges, new S+ equipment, a brand new field boss, and the start of the brand new PVP season.

Bless Unleashed Update Coming Next Week With New PvP Season, Blessings Overhauled, and New Dungeons

Changes are coming to Bless Unleashed with next week's update. Blessings will be overhauled, S items till drop more frequently, and there are new dungeons and loot too.

Upcoming Bless Unleashed Update Introduces New Costume Fusion Feature

A new costume fusion feature is hitting Bless Unleashed as part of the next update. Read on for details.

Bless Unleashed to Release Awakened Content Update October 14th

Now that Bless Unleashed has finally released on console and PC, the next big update that Round8 has in store finally has a release date, October 14th. The Awakened Content Update will feature some big changes to skills, following feedback from the community.

Bless Unleashed PC Review

It's been a bit since Scott gave his initial thoughts on the PC release of Bless Unleashed. Here he is with the full review of the game from NeoWiz and Round8 Studio. Does the Bless franchise make a triumphant return?

Bless Unleashed Temporarily Suspends Accounts Duping Items

Don't go taking advantage of exploits in your MMO else you be suspended. That's exactly what happened to a few Bless Unleashed players who took advantage of an item dupe exploit.

Bless Unleashed Hits Over A Million Dowloads On PC

Bless Unleashed has hit PC and the developers, Round8 Studios have announced the MMORPG has been downloaded over a million times since its launch. Additionally, there are quite a few people playing, with the MMORPG hit an all-time concurrent player peak of over 76K.

Bless Unleashed PC Review In Progress

Bless Unleashed has hit on PC, and while the MMORPG itself has been out on console for a little over a year, the Bless IP has some ground to cover on PC. Scott has put about 40 hours into the PC version of Unleashed thus far, and has some thoughts.

Bless Unleashed Dungeon Round Event Starts August 14

Bless Unleashed is hosting the dungeon round event this coming Saturday, August 14. Here are the details.

Bless Unleashed is Out Now on PC

Bless Unleashed is available now on PC. If you've been looking forward to picking it up, we've got some details on the various editions available, and more.