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MMO Reroll: Blade & Soul

In this edition of MMO Reroll, Mitch takes a look at Blade & Soul and how it feels playing the MMO for the first time in 2020.

For Glory! Four MMOs That Get Straight Into PvP Action

For those with steel-like nerves and an ultra-competitive personality, PvP in an MMO is all that matters. If you can't go around ganking level 10 players out in the starting town, what's the point of exploring the rest of the world? But diving straight into PvP can take some time. Here are four MMOs that let you jump straight into the blood pumping PvP action.

Blade & Soul's Halloween Event 'Blade & Ghoul' Is Going On Now

Blade & Soul's Halloween event, the deviously named Blade and Ghoul, is underway through November 18 with plenty of rewards up for grabs.

Here Are the Item and System Changes Coming to Blade & Soul's 'Cosmic Horizon' Update Next Week

As we covered previously, the Cosmic Horizon update for Blade & Soul arrives September 23. Now, the team has provided more details regarding item additions and system changes.

Blade & Soul's Cosmic Horizons Introduces a New Class On September 23

The Cosmic Horizon update for Blade & Soul arrives on September 23 and brings with a new Astromancer playable class.

Blade & Soul - New Midnight Reborn Update Releases August 19th, Patch Notes Revealed

A huge new patch known as the Midnight Reborn update will be available for Blade & Soul players tomorrow that will feature new events, a new stat enhancement system, a new Heart tier and new collections. Players can also look forward to increased difficulty in the Midnight Skypetal Plains Raid, with greater rewards.

Blade & Soul Closes Out Summer With a Bang With Various Events

Midnight Reborn arrives on Blade & Soul on August 19 bringing with it events, a new compound system, and more to close out the summer.

Blade & Soul's Dark Passage Update Arrives July 22

The Blade & Soul team has previewed the Dark Passage events update starting on July 22.

Blade & Soul: Divine Break Update Live Today

The Divine Break update for Blade & Soul is live today.

Blade & Soul Treasure Trove Available June 24, Previews Force Master Third Class Specialization

Blade & Soul has announced that Tropical Treasure Trove will be available on June 24, along with previewing the Force Master Third Class Specialization.

Blade & Soul Extends Submission Deadline for Cosmetic Design Contest to June 28

Blade & Soul has extended the submission date for the 2020 Cosmetic Design Contest till June 28.

Blade & Soul: Steel Bonds Arrives May 20

A new 12-player raid is arriving in Blade & Soul when Steel Bonds arrives on May 20.

Steel Uprising Hits Blade & Soul on April 22

Steel Uprising is set to arrive on Blade & Soul on April 22.

Here's 90 Minutes of Blade & Soul Gameplay

If you've been waiting for some tasty Blade & Soul footage before it heads to the West, well, here's 90 minutes of gameplay.

Blade & Soul Previews Items and Systems Ahead of Forgotten Souls Update

Blade & Soul has previewed items and systems in a recent post. Here’s the scoop.