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New Events Coming to Blade & Soul July 14

New events are arriving in Blade & Soul in just a few days on July 14 include the Warlock 3rd Specialization in Endless Night.

Blade & Soul's Endless Night Launches On July 14th, Bringing Warlock's 3rd Specialization To The MMO

Blade & Soul's next update, Endless Night, is launching next week, and with it comes the third Warlock specilization, Way of the Reaver.

You Still Have Time To Enter Blade & Soul's Cosmetic Design Contest

Do you fancy yourself a designer? Do you have an eye for cosmetics? Do you play Blade & Soul? Well you still have time enter into Blade & Soul's appropriately named Cosmetic Design Contest.

Blade & Soul Teases Their 14th Class - A Dual Blade Wielder

In a short video depicting a new dual-blade wielding character, NC Soft has officially announced the upcoming release of their 14th class. Apart from the inclusion of dual blades, not much else was detailed in the video, but some information has been divulged on the on the official Blade & Soul website as part of the Revival update.

Blade & Soul Winds of Summer Arrives Today

Winds of Summer is the, um, summer update for Blade & Soul and is live today. And there are patch notes to boot discussing various events, content, and more. Here's what you can expect in this summer update.

Blade & Soul Thornwind Cavern Dungeon Challenge Live

Blade & Soul is set to receive the Winds of Summer update on June 16. But before then, there are a few additional events going on right now in the MMO.

NCSoft Sees a Sales and Income Drop in Q1

It looks like NCSoft - the publishers behind such MMOs like Blade & Soul, Lineage 2, Guild Wars 2, and more - posted a 30% sales drop for Q1 this year in addition to other income losses.

Blade & Soul 'Winds of Rage' Launches May 12, Brings New Heroic Dungeon

A new update for Blade & Soul, called Winds of Rage, launches on May 12 and brings with it a new dungeon called Thornwind Cavern. What can you expect in this new heroic dungeon? Read on to find out.

Blade & Soul Gifts of the Realm Events Going On Now

A few new events are here for Blade & Soul called the Gifts of the Realm events. These events bring more rewards for your adventuring in the game. Here are the details you need to know if you want to hop in and check them out.

Blade & Soul Revolution Update Adds New Dungeon and Zones

The latest update for Blade & Soul Revolution has brought a new dungeon and two new zones as part of the April Update.

Blade & Soul Outlines New Mischief Makers Events

A bunch of new events are hitting Blade & Soul as part of Mischief Makers, giving you plenty of opportunities for new rewards, gear, and more.

Blade & Soul Revolution Moonlight Event Now Live

Blade & Soul Revolution has received some new Easter-themed events ahead of the holiday, including a Moonlight Event exclusive dungeon.

Blade & Soul's Slithering Shadows Update Now Live

Blade & Soul's latest content, Slithering Shadows, is now live. Here's what you need to know about the latest content drop.

Blade & Soul Revolution Receives Faction Wars

Blade & Soul Revolution has received its first update introducing Faction War.

Blade & Soul Receives Slithering Shadows Event on March 17

Blade & Soul is set to receive the Slithering Shadows event on March 17 bring a new raid dungeon and more.

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