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Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event Now Live

The free play event for Elder Scrolls Online is currently live. If you aren't currently playing, or used to play and fell off, this may be an ideal time to check out the MMORPG.

ESO Live Will Preview Waking Flame Dungeon DLC

Zenimax Online Studios have announced their next Elder Scrolls Online live stream scheduled for this Friday, July 9. On this upcoming ESO Live, the team will preview the two new dungeons arriving as part of the Waking Flame DLC.

Elder Scrolls Online Patch 7.0.7 Brings Companion Fixes and More

Patch 7.0.7 for Elder Scrolls Online is here and brings a host of fixes to Companions, its latest chapter Blackwood, and more.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Review

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood is a return to form for the ZeniMax team, but how does the expansion, including the major additions of companions and a return to Oblivion hold up?

World Plays ESO is Two Months of Live Streams from Devs and Streamers

Zenimax announced a two month-long celebration of Elder Scrolls Online with live streams from developers and streamers alike.

Elder Scrolls Online's Console Enhanced Edition Launch Hasn't Gone Swimmingly On Sony's PlayStation 5 [Updated]

If you're a PlayStation 5 player hoping to dive into the upgraded version of The Elder Scrolls Online today, you might be having a bad time. Currently it seems there is an issue with Sony's server and those who bought digital versions, where the PlayStation 5 is requiring a disk to play.

ESO Blackwood Community Stream on June 11 Gives You a Chance to Win Alienware Headset

The folks over at the Elder Scrolls Online community stream team will be hosting their next live stream this Friday, June 11. And you'll have the chance to win Alienware gear.

ESO Blackwood's Console Launch Today Receives New Trailer

After Elder Scrolls Online's Blackwood released on PC, Mac, and Stadia last week, it's the turn of the consoles today. Check out the all-new trailer for Blackwood as the chapter releases on console.

Opinion: Sometimes The 'Massively Multiplayer' Can Get In The Way Of The RPG

Bradford loves MMORPGs. However, there are occassions where the "massively multiplayer" can get in the way of the RPG aspects of a game, such as a recent experience in The Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO Blackwood Hotfix Should Prevent Future Companion Gear Loss

Elder Scrolls Online received its recent chapter Blackwood just last week. While launch-day server issues were at a minimum, it seems like bugs still slipped through the cracks, including one affecting companions.

Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Review In Progress

The latest chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online series has officially launched on PC, and we've been hard at work in Tamriel sizing it up. Here is our review in progress of ESO: Blackwood.

ESO Adventures: Back in Black(wood)

Blackwood has finally released on PC, Mac, and Stadia this past Tuesday. And Shank's been playing it! What have he been up to? Allow him to regale you all.

Interview: Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood - Discussing Launch And More With Creative Director Rich Lambert

As The Elder Scrolls Online's next chapter launches today, we took some time last week to sit down with the MMO's creative director, Rich Lambert, to discuss the lead up to its launch. As Blackwood opens Leyawiin, Gideon and more to players, the ESO team at ZeniMax Online Studios is just hoping to have a stable launch this time around.

Blackwood Launches Today for Elder Scrolls Online on PC

The next chapter for Elder Scrolls Online is Blackwood and it launches today for PC with consoles following on June 8. Blackwood brings a bunch of new features and locations for Elder Scrolls Online. Here's how it breaks down.

Which MMO Expansion Launch Are You Playing Tomorrow?

June 1st marks a day of MMO releases this week, with two of the major games in the genre, World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online, both releasing expansions into the wild. Which one are you planning on playing if you are at all?