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After First War of the Roses, Black Desert Online Gets 15v15 Guild League, and Mobile Gets New Region and Skills

The first 300v300 War of the Roses took place in Black Desert Online last weekend, and Pearl Abyss is now adding 15v15 PvP Guild League. Meanwhile, Black Desert Mobile gets a new region and a new skill system for new ways to play your class.

Black Desert Mobile Game Celebrates 1500 Days Of Operation With An Aptly Named Event

Today marks the 1,500th day since Black Desert Mobile released, and the developers at Pearl Abyss feel the need to give back and celebrate this massive feat

Black Desert Mobile Celebrates Fourth Anniversary With Events, Giveaways, and Shares Player Stats

Black Desert Mobile is celebrating its fourth anniversary this month. Pearl Abyss is celebrating with giveaways, events, new videos and an infographic with lots of stats from the mobile journey.

Black Desert Mobile Teases New Bosses Headed Your Way November 7th

The Black Desert Mobile fanbase is poised to receive their next update on November 7th, as the team at Pearl Abyss expands the Land of the Morning Light content that captivated players last September.

Black Desert Mobile Adds Maegu Awakening, New Events, and Payload PvP Event

Black Desert Mobile welcomes Maegu Awakening today, letting you take on the role of the fox goddess, along with events to mark her arrival, and a new payload PvP event.

Black Desert Offers Spooky, Rewarding Halloween Festivities Across All Platforms

The world of Black Desert is getting spooky and rewarding, a fun blend of Halloween celebrations that extends across different celebrations on PC, console, and mobile. 

 Land of the Morning Light Brings Mythical Bosses and Historically-inspired Zone to Black Desert Mobile

Today, Black Desert Mobile gets the Land of the Morning Light expansion with new mythical-inspired bosses and the Woosa Awakening (Choryeong) class. Expect events with the new content, new powerful gear, and more.

Land of the Morning Light and Woosa Awakening Coming to Black Desert Mobile September 26th

Black Desert Mobile  will finally get the Land Of The Morning Light expansion on September 26th. Along with the update, there will be a brand new season and Woosa Awakening.

Black Desert Mobile Shows Off New Class Choryeong Planned for September 26th Update

Black Desert Mobile has unveiled a series of thrilling updates during the Heidel Ball, let's check them out!

Black Desert Console Gets Serpent Boss Imoogi Today, As Black Desert Mobile Adds Wizard Class

Black Desert Console has added Imoogi, the massive serpent boss that makes the 10th boss from the Land of the Morning Light expansion. Black Desert Mobile also has a big update, adding the new Wizard class.

July is Packed for Black Desert Fans, With Land of the Morning Light, Mythical Doom Horse, and More

It's a packed month of updates for Black Desert fans, with significant new content and events, including Land of the Morning Light on console, and an Arena of Solare season on PC.

Black Desert Mobile Freezes Over With New Everfrost Region, Guardian Class

Black Desert Mobile is starting to get a little bit chillier as it debuts its new Everfrost region to the mobile MMO today alongside a new class, the Guardian.

Black Desert Mobile Everfrost Region and 'Protector' New Guardian Class Coming June 27th

Black Desert Mobile  is getting the new Everfrost region and the Guardian class on June 27th. Look ahead to the upcoming snowy region with in-game events and special previews.

Black Desert Mobile Welcomes the Newest Class, Igneous, With Several Events

Black Desert Mobile is welcoming the newest class, Igneous, along with some special events to get this new class option off to a good start.

Black Desert Mobile Comes To Mac Devices As The New Hashashin Awakening Class Is Available

Black Desert Mobile is jumping from iPhones and iPads to the rest of Apple's silicon with the move to the Mac today. Additionally, players will be able to check out the new Hashashin Awakening class, Zayed, starting today.