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The Scholar Comes to Black Desert Console, With 4th Console Anniversary Events and Bonuses

Today, Black Desert Console brings the new, hammer-wielding Scholar class to players, along with some special events and bonuses to mark the 4th console anniversary.

Black Desert Franchise Anniversary Celebrations are Here, Scholar Arrives on Console and Mobile Next Week

It's celebration time across the Black Desert franchise, as Pearl Abyss announces events, new milestones, and the Scholar class coming to console and mobile next week.

Black Desert Console Opens the Elvia Calpheon, With New Zones, Weapon Type, and More In Latest Update

Black Desert Console has a new update, adding the Elvia Calpheon, with new zones, new guild missions, events, and more. There are even campaigns for new and returning players.

Black Desert Offers Spooky, Rewarding Halloween Festivities Across All Platforms

The world of Black Desert is getting spooky and rewarding, a fun blend of Halloween celebrations that extends across different celebrations on PC, console, and mobile. 

Black Desert Console Adds Three Mythical Horses, Endless Season Servers, and Maegu Awakening

Black Desert Console's new update adds three Mythical horses, new horse gear, and opens the endless Season Server. Maegu Awakening also brings her deadly grace to the console version of the game.

Mysterious Pirates Come to Black Desert Online, as Black Desert Console is Free for PlayStation Plus

On PC, Black Desert Online faces the ghostly, fiery threat of the Margoria Pirate Fleet. Black Desert Console, Traveler Edition, is free this month for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Black Desert Online Adds New High-Level Challenging Region, Ulukita, While Console Version Starts Giveaways

Pearl Abyss has a few big updates for Black Desert Online, including a brand new territory out today on PC. Black Desert Console is marking an anniversary with some giveaways.

Black Desert Console Gets Serpent Boss Imoogi Today, As Black Desert Mobile Adds Wizard Class

Black Desert Console has added Imoogi, the massive serpent boss that makes the 10th boss from the Land of the Morning Light expansion. Black Desert Mobile also has a big update, adding the new Wizard class.

Exclusive: Imoogi Coming Soon To Black Desert Console, Check Out The New Trailer Here

Imoogi, the tenth boss in the Land of the Morning Light expansion for Black Desert Console, is coming soon to the MMORPG. Black Desert Console celebrates the serpent boss, as well as the other bosses in the expansion in our exclusive first look at the trailer.

Land of the Morning Light Expansion Arrives on Black Desert Console

The free Land of the Morning Light expansion is now live in Black Desert, adding a sweeping new region inspired by both real locations and Korean folktales, new bosses, new story, and much more. 

July is Packed for Black Desert Fans, With Land of the Morning Light, Mythical Doom Horse, and More

It's a packed month of updates for Black Desert fans, with significant new content and events, including Land of the Morning Light on console, and an Arena of Solare season on PC.

Black Desert Console Kicks off the Summer Season With Dream Horses, Coelacanths, and Season Pass

It's summer in Black Desert Console, and Dream Horses have arrived. Not only can you get your own, but summer events have arrived, the Coelacanth is back, and there's a new season pass.

Black Desert Console Adding Maegu and Starting New Season Servers April 5th

Black Desert Console will get the second of the Twin Class characters, Maegu, in an update coming on Wednesday, April 5th. The update will also open a new Seasonal Server and an Xbox free to play weekend.

Black Desert Online Players Have Killed 11 Billion Monsters in 2022 As Pearl Abyss Celebrates Three Anniversaries

Black Desert Online has a slew of anniversary events coming up to celebrate some pretty major milestones for the MMO, specifically four years on Console, as well as its PC's 7th anniversary here in the West.

Black Desert: Tips For Some Chill Grinding While Playing Black Desert

Black Desert is a grindy game. A great grinding game, but a huge grinding one at that. Lowry is here with some tips on how to grind, but in a way that feels chill instead of...you know...like a grind.