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Black Desert Console Adds Helpful New Accessories, Rounds Out Woosa's Kit, and More

The latest Black Desert Console update introduces Cloud Accessories, which are designed to help newer players make easier progress. The update also adds content, round out newly added Woosa's kit, and much more.

Calpheon Ball 2022: Black Desert Highlights Twin Classes, Reveals Land of the Morning Light Coming In 2023

During a massive livestream event in Long Beach, California, Pearl Abyss ended 2022 with a bang, revealing detailed on the MMO's first-ever Twin Classes, as well as a look at a new region coming to Black Desert Online next year.

Black Desert Console Reworks Agris Fever, and Preps Rewarding Season Graduation

The latest update for Black Desert Console changes the Agris Fever feature, opens the Autumn Graduation Season, and continues with a number of improvements and fixes.

Black Desert Console Overhauls Guild Bosses into a New Weekly Group Event and Makes Other Improvements

Some new updates to Black Desert Console tweak guild boss content, improve quests, and fix a number of issues.

Drakania Awakening Arrives to Unleash the Power of Dragons in Black Desert Online and Console

It's time to unlease wind and dragon flame as Drakania Awakening arrives today in Black Desert. In a first, players on PC and console get the update on the same day.

Black Desert Console Getting the Drakania Class This Month,  Pre-Registration Begins Tomorrow

The Destroyer of Ynix, Drakania, arrives in Black Desert Console soon, and with the latest update, you'll be able to pre-create her before the official release later this month. 

Black Desert Console Gets New Region, O'dyllita, in Latest Update

O'dyllita is the newest region added to Black Desert Console. Ash Forest, a new hunting ground, also arrives, featuring some of the toughest monsters you can face.

Black Desert Console Has Character Reset Update Delayed Until Further Notice

The planned update for Black Desert Console, which would bring about the extensive character class reboots, has been postponed until further notice.

Black Desert Console Gets Class Reboots and Full Resets After This Week's Maintenance

Black Desert Console will be following the PC in getting a full slate of class reboots. The maintenance will happen on January 5th, and also means that characters will have all of their skills reset.

Explore the Spooky Playground for Rewards in Black Desert Online's Halloween Event

Black Desert Online's Halloween event begins today. You'll be able to explore the spooky playground, start a new themed quest, and earn some pretty great rewards.

Black Desert Console Roadmap for the Rest of 2021 is Packed!

There's a brand new update from Black Desert's Je-seok Jang, the Head of Black Desert Game Design laying out an extensive roadmap for what to expect for the console version of the game during the rest of 2021. 

Black Desert Console Players Can Grab a Free Gift Pack August 25

People generally like free things. And if you play Black Desert on console, you can pick up a free gift pack on August 25.

Black Desert Console Receives New Expansion, Transfer Deadline Looms

Black Desert received a new expansion on Xbox and PlayStation adding the Great Expedition conten and Sycraia Underwater Ruins to the Korean MMO. Read on for more.

Black Desert Online Heidel Ball Set for June 19

The second annual Heidel Ball is almost upon us as the event is slated to hit Black Desert Online on June 19. The ball is set to bring various coupons, surprises, updates, and more. If you're looking to attend, you might be interested in the following details.

Black Desert Console Maintenance Brings Tier 1 Node War Changes

Recent maintenance on Black Desert console brought several Tier 1 Node War changes in addition to several other changes. However, not everything was rosy.