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New Compose and Play Feature Comes to Black Desert

A new feature called Compose and Play has hit Black Desert, allowing players to create musical compositions.

Striker Class Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss has announced that the Striker class is now available in Black Desert Mobile. Here are the details.

Black Desert Interview - Cross Play And Equalizing Content

We talk to Black Desert Lead Producer Jaehee Kim about bringing cross play to Black Desert Online's console versions, and the challenges in doing so.

Garmoth the Crimson Dragon Lands on Black Desert Console

You can now fight the Black Desert's Crimson Dragon on PS4 and Xbox One.

Shadow Arena Is Coming Next Month To Steam Early Access

Shadow Arena, the battle royale pulled from the development of Pearl Abyss' MMORPG, Black Desert, is coming to Steam via early access this May. The battle royale will come to Steam on May 21st.

Black Desert Mobile Receives New Advanced Battlefield

Black Desert Mobile has received an advanced battlefield with Secret Shultz Fortress, plus more with the latest update.

Black Desert Online Patch Notes Point to Refer-A-Friend Program Live Now

The latest Black Desert patch points to a refer-a-friend program, which is live now.

Black Desert Mobile Adds Boss Rush mode, PvP Arena ranking, and Terrmian Village

Boss Rush, PvP Arena Ranking, and a Terrmian Village have been added to Black Desert Mobile.

Drieghan Hits Black Desert Console, Plus Get Your Fortune Told

There's a brace of Black Desert news, including Drieghan becoming available today for console, and an April Fool's event.

Black Desert Outlines Drieghan Region

A new post from Black Desert takes a look at the Drieghan region.

Final Shadow Arena Closed Beta Available Worldwide April 17

The final closed beta for Shadow Arena will hit Aprils 17 worldwide.

Black Desert's 'Find Your Oasis' Event Live Through April 8

The Find Your Oasis event is live in Black Desert until April 8. Here are the details.

Now Is The Best Time To Jump Back Into Black Desert (SPONSORED)

For many MMO fans, jumping back into an MMO can be a daunting task. However, Black Desert is helping those players along with their anniversary event.

Black Desert Online starts wildlife charity drive, gifts players an epic set of gear

Black Desert has started a wildlife charity drive, and are gifting you epic gear.

Black Desert PS4 and Xbox One Receives New Character Class Maehwa

Black Desert on PS4 and Xbox One can now play as Maehwa, the latest character class to arrive on console.