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Star Wars: The Old Republic Marks 11th Anniversary Opens 64-Bit Version on PTS

Star Wars: The Old Republic is marking its 11th anniversary,  with a double XP event and additional sales. BioWare has also opened the 64-bit version of the game to the PTS as part of forward-looking modernization plans.

Showdown on Ruhnuk, SWTOR Update 7.2, is Live With New Planet, New Story, PvP Revamp, and More

Showdown on Ruhnuk, Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest update is live with a new planet, Ruhnuk, new story content, including the hunt for Heta Kol and her band of Mandalorians. There are also changes to PvP, a new Daily Area, some gearing changes, and Life Day celebrations.

Update 7.2 Bringing a New Planet, New Story Content, a PvP Overhaul, and More to Star Wars: The Old Republic

Update 7.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic will introduce a brand new planet, new story content (including some Mandalorians), additional focus on several characters, overhauled PvP, and more.

After a Brief Delay, SWTOR Officially Opens Galactic Seasons 3, With New Companion and Rewards Up for Grabs

After a brief delay to patch an issue, Galactic Seasons 3: Luck of the Draw, is open in Star Wars: The Old Republic, bringing a new droid companion, rewards, and improved reputation track.

Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.1.1 Brings New Conquest to Manaan, But Galactic Seasons 3 Start is Delayed

The latest Star Wars: The Old Republic update, 7.1.1 brings new Outfitter options, a new invadable planet to Manaan, and sets the Feast of Prosperity up, but the start of Galactic Seasons 3 has been delayed until a fix is ready.

Diablo II: Resurrected Adds Terror Zones to PTR As Additional Option to Get To Level 99

The latest PTR build for Diablo II: Resurrected adds a new feature, Terror Zones, an optional feature that, when used, offers additional options for level up to 99 instead of just grinding Diablo or Baal.

Update 7.1 Coming Tomorrow for Star Wars: The Old Republic With New Story, R-4 Operation, and Much More

Continue the story with new content on Darth Malgus' plans with tomorrow's Star Wars: The Old Republic update, which also brings the R-4 Anomaly Operation, new item rating increases, and more.

SWTOR Team Details 7.1, New Story, R-4 Anomaly Operation, Manaan Daily Area, Raised Item Levels, and More

The Star Wars: The Old Republic team detailed update 7.1 in a new livestream. Expect more story, the R-4 Anomaly operation, the Manaan Daily Area and how you could influence it, increased item levels, the return of mods, and more.

Creative Director Charles Boyd Leaves SWTOR, Team Shifts and Promotions Ahead of 7.1 on August 2nd

There are some changes over at Star Wars: The Old Republic. Creative Director Charles Boyd is leaving, and some shifts and promotions happening ahead of 7.1, which is out on August 2nd.

Star Wars The Old Republic July Events Brings Pirates, Bounties And More

Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting players ready for its upcoming events this month, detailing its upcoming events calendar on the official website. Events include a Pirate Incursion, a little bounty hunting and more.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Adds Final R-4 Anomaly Boss, Lady Dominique, and the Manaan Daily Area to the PTS

You can now test out the full R-4 Anomaly Operation for Star Wars: The Old Republic, with final boss Lady Dominique now on the PTS, new mechanics promised. The test build also adds the Manaan Daily Area.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets a Guide to Weapon Customization and Legacy of the Sith Music Arrives to Stream

A guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic's updated outfitter, including the recently-added weapons option,is now available. BioWare has also begun adding Legacy of the Sith's music to stream.

Grab a Free P1-XL Droid in Star Wars: The Old Republic to Mark Star Wars Day

It's May the 4th, and Star Wars: The Old Republic is giving a free P1-XL Droid for Star Wars Day. Plus, a whole new Galactic Season begins.

SWTOR Update Adds Weapon Customization to Outfitter and Tweaks Flashpoints and Operations Balance

The Star Wars: The Old Republic team continues updating the game with both new features and updates based on player feedback. The latest update introduces weapons into the Outfitter, renames several currencies, and includes some adjustments to Flashpoints and Operations.

SWTOR Update 7.0.1 is Live, Brings Mission Availability and Balance Changes, Rewards and GTN issues Reported

Update 7.0.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic brings many promised updates to mission availability, balance changes, accessibility tweaks, and more. But a couple new issues have been reported.