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3 Reasons You Should Play Biomutant (And 3 Reasons You Should Skip It)

Now that Biomutant has officially released after multiple delays in development, the long-awaited action-adventure RPG is finally available for those looking for a unique experience. If you've been questioning whether you should take a chance on Biomutant, here's a short list of reasons why you may want to take a chance on the game, and some reasons why you may want to avoid it altogether.

The RPG Files: Biomutant Review

Set in a post-human apocalyptic world, Biomutant puts you in the shoes of a humainoid rat-creature to build a new society from ashes. But how does the new open-world RPG from THQ Nordic stack up? Here is our review of Biomutant.

BioMutant Will Be Available on GeForce Now on Launch May 25th

Excited for the launch of Biomutant but not quite sure if your PC can run it? Well, you just happen to be in luck, because it was recently announced the Biomutant will be available on GeForce Now when the game launches May 25th!

Excited for Biomutant Next Month? THQ Nordics World Trailer Might Get You There

It's almost time for Biomutant to launch on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG has been in development since 2015, and despite multiple delays pushing the title off of many RPG gamers' radar through the years, the recent confirmation of a May 25th release has cemented the game firmly on the list of unique RPG games to check out this year.