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Beyond The Wire Is A Cool, World War 1 Multiplayer Sim Struggling To Find Players To Go Over The Top

Beyond the Wire aims to be a full squad multiplayer experience that brings you into the horrors of World War 1. However, those horrors are somewhat muted thanks to the fact that the player count isn't where it should be.

WWI Shooter Beyond the Wire Launches Today, With a Steam Free Weekend Coming This Weekend

Beyond The Wire, Offworld industries' 50v50 World War I multiplayer FPS, launches today. The game is the second official release from Offworld, and it launches ahead of a free Steam weekend.

Multiplayer World War 1 Shooter, Beyond the Wire Leaves Early Access On August 31st

If you've ever wanted to go over the top, Offworld Industries' multiplayer shooter set in the trenches of World War 1 is going to give you the chance. Beyond the Wire is launching out of Early Access later this month, and its launching with a rather iconic weapon: flamethrowers.