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Swords of Legends Online Second Beta Begins Today

The second closed beta for Swords of Legends Online begins today. If you missed the first closed beta, you'll be able to hop in this time through June 8.

Swords of Legends Online Beta Begins Today

The long-awaited beta for Swords of Legends Online is set to begin today, May 21. This is the first of two scheduled beta tests, and here's what you can expect.

Polish MMO 'Broken Ranks' Holding Sign Ups for Closed Beta

Broken Ranks is a Polish MMORPG currently taking sign ups for beta. In fact, we have a trailer to boot. Here's what we know so far about the game including the story, combat, what systems it'll release on, and more.

Latest Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch Brings Tons of Fixes and Changes

The latest patch notes for Mortal Online 2's beta build have been published. Featuring extensive notes for various additions, changes, and fixes, here's what you can expect if you're currently playing the beta.

Crowfall Test Build Tweak Crafting and UI

Recent patch notes for the beta build of Crowfall point to several changes and fixes for crafting and UI. If you're currently checking out the game in its beta form, here's what you'll want to look out for during your time in-game.

Bless Unleashed's PC Beta Is Coming Next Week Bringing A Wealth Of Changes

Bless Unleashed's upcoming beta on PC brings with it a wealth of new changes based on player feedback to make the MMO as tailor-made to the PC as possible. The changes include improved UI, combat control changes and more.

Chivalry 2's Beta Reminds Me Of Why I Love Good, Mindless Fun

Chivalry 2's beta happened over the weekend, giving players a chance to go head to head against each other in the medieval combat sim. After it's been years since Bradford has played the original, the beta reminded him of one thing: the game's core is good, mindless fun.

Naraka: Bladepoint Releases Character Customization Tutorial Ahead Of Tomorrow's Open Beta

The upcoming battle royale, Naraka: Bladepoint has released a tutorial for those looking to jump into the upcoming open beta tomorrow. However, the tutorial isn't really about how to play, rather how to look good whilst doing so.

Looks Like WoW's The Burning Crusade Classic Beta Got A Level Cap Increase

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic is currently undergoing beta testing ahead of its impending launch, and players might have noticed a bump in the level cap. Previously it was 64, however it's now been pushed to 68.

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic's Beta Is Now Live

For those eagerly awaiting the beta of the first real expansion of World of Warcraft Classic, your wait is over. The Burning Crusade Classic's beta is now live, though you'll need to have been received an invite to join in the fun.

Ship of Heroes Is Planning An Open Beta For This Spring, Showcases New Locations In Latest Dev Blog

Ship of Heroes keeps trucking along, and earlier today the developers released some information about their upcoming plans for the spring and summer, including news that an open beta is being planned for later this spring.

Magic: Legends Open Beta Live Now on PC

The PC open beta for Magic: Legends has arrived available on the Epic Games Store and on Arc Games.

Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch Adds a Gore System

A new gore system has been implemented to Mortal Online 2's beta as part of its most recent patch.

Bless Unleashed Closed Beta Update Brings Visual Improvements

Bless Unleashed Closed Beta 2 is set to receive improvements in visuals, lighting, and more.

Crowfall Responds to the Community, Siege Gameplay, Tactics and More on the Way

In a response to a twitter follower, Crowfall developer ArtCraft wants to reassure players that they are planning to deliver some substantial content, with many features still to come. They state they are working hard on their next update, which plans to release sometime next week.

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