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Space-Strategy MMO Infinite Fleet Says Goodbye to Alpha This Weekend

It feels like not so long ago the space-strategy MMO Infinite Fleet soared onto the scene with their Counterattack Trailer, bewildering fans of sci-fi games with their Eve Online inspiration and Robotech style ships. At the end of May, Pixelmatic will mark the end of their Alpha phase of development, with plans to move into Beta in July.

Embers Adrift Details What's in the Beta in Latest Video

Now that Embers Adrift has transitioned to their beta, Stormhaven Studios wants players to know what they can expect when they hop into the game. In a 9-minute video presented by Embers Adrifts' Community Manager Elloa, depicts the various features that players will be able to test, which includes character creation, early combat and more!

Elden Ring Is More Than Just 'Open World Dark Souls'

This weekend, I had the chance to check out FromSoftware's latest opus, the upcoming Elden Ring. Developed in collaboration with George RR Martin, Elden Ring is a first of sorts for the veteran developers who effectively defined this subgenre. Can they do it again?

Riders Republic is the Best Extreme Sports Multiplayer Online Game by a Steep Margin

Whether you're an old fan of extreme sports like myself, or you've just been cooped up in the house too long over the course of the ongoing pandemic, Riders Republic provides a virtual breath of fresh air to the MMORPG genre. In Riders Republic you'll be able to take to the air, the trails, and some fresh powder with a series of extreme activities, but not everything is a shredders paradise. Check out our beta impressions.

Riders Republic Beta Starts This Week - But Don't Expect to See It if You Weren't Invited

Riders Republic is headed to closed beta this week, with nearly two months left before the game is set to release. Players who have signed up for the beta should expect to have their invites in-hand by now, as preload has started. If you didn't get into the beta, and hoped to see the extreme sports-themed MMO on streams and videos later, think again, as all players in next week's beta test will be under a strict NDA.

Mortal Online 2 Patch Notes Adds Pet Equipment, New Magic Spells

Mortal Online 2's beta is still ongoing, and the latest patch notes detail new additions, such as new magic spells and equipment for those pets players are keeping.

Ship of Heroes Combat Mission Beta Opens This Saturday

The Ship of Heroes summer Beta event is going on this weekend with dozens of missions ready for playtesting. If you're a donor and want to check it out, here's what you need to know.

Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons Beta Starts August 17th, Brings New Character Elite Specializations

If you thought you'd have to wait till next year before you got your first hands-on glimpse of Guild Wars 2's next expansion, End of Dragons, you were mistaken. The first beta is being held later this month, starting on August 17th (that's next week) and will features character specializations to check out.

Riders Republic Beta Begins August 23rd to the 25th - Email Invitations on the Way Soon

During E3 earlier this year, Riders Republic made a splash with its exciting extreme sports themed MMORPG. Those interested in hitting some fresh powder, or gliding through the sky in a wing suit, won't have too much longer to wait, as long as they signed up for the Beta.

Mortal Online 2 Reworks Pet Leveling In Latest Beta Patch

Mortal Online 2's latest beta patch notes have some goodies for those who have been looking for some changes to pet leveling in the MMO. The new patch details a rework of how pet leveling works, as well as brings new tweaks and changes to the MMO.

New World Details Closed Beta In New Dev Blog, No NDA During The Test Next Week

New World's official launch might be August 31st, but the MMO is gearing up for its closed beta test starting on July 20th that many see as a "soft launch" of sorts. The team at Amazon Game Studios took to their blog to start detailing to testers what to expect on the 20th.

PSA: Crowfall Launches Today

After a lengthy testing period and several patches to the game, Crowfall is finally launching today. Her'es what you need to know if you plan on diving into the MMORPG.

Swords of Legends Online Second Beta Begins Today

The second closed beta for Swords of Legends Online begins today. If you missed the first closed beta, you'll be able to hop in this time through June 8.

Swords of Legends Online Beta Begins Today

The long-awaited beta for Swords of Legends Online is set to begin today, May 21. This is the first of two scheduled beta tests, and here's what you can expect.

Polish MMO 'Broken Ranks' Holding Sign Ups for Closed Beta

Broken Ranks is a Polish MMORPG currently taking sign ups for beta. In fact, we have a trailer to boot. Here's what we know so far about the game including the story, combat, what systems it'll release on, and more.