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SWG: Legends Bespin Expansion Launches Today

May the Fourth be with you because tomorrow will be the Revenge of the Fifth (sorry, not sorry.) Brian-puns aside, yes, today is May the fourth. This means the long-awaited Bespin expansion for SWG Legends is due to release today.

Luxury Yacht, PVE Arena And Upper Atomosphere Space Zone Coming With SWG Legends Bespin Expansion

Bespin, The City in the Clouds launches in SWG Legends next Tuesday, and the team released a trailer today showing off some of the features players should expect when traveling to the area. Some of the features include new vehicles, a PVE arena and a luxury yacht.

Star Wars Galaxies Legends Talks Apartments And Player Housing In Upcoming Bespin Content

SWG Legends is gearing up for its Bespin update next week, and the team behind the server talked a bit about what players should expect when venturing to Cloud City - especially as it pertains to player housing.

SWG Legends Is Teasing 'Big Announcements' This Week Ahead Of Next Week's Bespin Launch

Star Wars Galaxies Legends is getting ready to launch its long awaited content update, Bespin, on May the Fourth, however it doesn't seem to be the only thing the team is currently working on. In a Tweet today, the SWG Legends staff teased that there are some "big announcements" coming this week.

SWG Legends Sets Date For Its Long-Awaited Bespin Expansion, Coming May 4th

Star Wars Galaxies Legends has finally set the date players can take part in its Bespin expansion. Called City in the Clouds, SWG Legends players will be able to visit it on a rather important date for Star Wars fans: May the Fourth.

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is Bringing Bespin to the Community

The Star Wars Galaxies: Legends team is planning to bring Bespin to the game in their fifth unofficial expansion. They've since outlined what players can expect from the new content in their latest Community Transmission. The team is so dedicated to getting out the new Bespin content, that they have advised the community that, until the new update has released, they are halting all other updates to better focus the expansions development.

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