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EVE Fanfest 2022 Interview: EVE Forever, And The Third Decade

EVE Forever is a slick marketing phrase, but to the developers at CCP Games that Bradford has spoken to over the years, it's much more than that. It's a developer imperative.

EVE Online Interview: Learning Lessons In The Aftermath Of World War Bee 2

EVE Online's in-game conflicts aren't just contained to an NPC story or the backdrop of the universe. Players themselves have shaped the course of the fictional universe through its many wars over the course of its almost two-decade history. CCP Games is learning throughout, taking the lessons players are teaching them throughout these large engagements each and every time.

World Records, Arms Race And Cinematics - An Interview With EVE Online's Creative Director And Brand Manager

This year, CCP has seen more world records added to their shelf as the MMO developer's playerbase keeps pushing EVE Online to new heights. We sat down with CCP's Creative Director, Bergur Finnbogasson and Brand Director Sæmundur Hermansson to talk about the latest quadrant, Reign, as well as the world records EVE keeps achieving.

Streaming, Loss And War - An Interview With EVE's Developers

We sit down and discuss the upcoming Abyssal Proving Grounds update, the state of EVE Online's Invasion, as well as criticisms surrounding the Forsaken Fortress update and more.