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Black Desert Online's Latest Global Lab Update Brings Guild Permission Updates, Black Stone Simplification

The BDO public test server update smooths out some major systems, including for guild permissions and sailors' upgrades.

There's Something Awesome about Maegu (and a Criticism on Gear Progression)

Maegu released on Black Desert Online, and Lowry is a fan. Like, majorly so. Check out their thoughts, as well as some criticism on gear progression in BDO.

Interview: Talking Drakania Awakening With Black Desert's Jesse Joo

Last week, the Drakania class unleashed its awakening form on the world of Black Desert Online. To further dive into the details of the new class specialization, and learn a little bit about recent changes and what the MMORPG has in store for its players, MMORPG.com had the opportunity to interview Head of Game Design Jesse Joo.

Pearl Abyss Wants To See Your Corsair As Pre-Creation Begins In Black Desert Today

The next class in Black Desert is launching next week, but pre-creation has started today. Players can jump into the MMO and start to design and reserve their names when the floodgates, so to speak, open on June 29th. Pearl Abyss, for their part, want to see your creation in a new contest.

Black Desert Online Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary With Livestreams And Dungeon

It's been 5 years since Black Desert Online released in the West, and Pearl Abyss is holding a party of special magnificence. The MMO developer is hosting a livestream today to celebrate the milestone, as well as giving a sneak peak at a new dungeon coming to the MMO.

Cancellations and Handovers - MMORPG's Quick 5

If you've got five minutes, we've got 5 (ish) stories that you might want to catch up on from the week that was in MMORPG's Quick 5.

MMOSide Chat - Healer, Tank Or DPS?

Healer, Tank or DPS? The Age-Old MMORPG question all of us must face when playing our favorite games. How did you choose your role, and why? Bradford explores his own preferences in this fireside chat about the MMORPG holy trinity.

Tier 8 Horses and Courses System Hitting Black Desert Online in Next Update

Tier 8 horses along with a Courser system are set to arrive in Black Desert Online in the next update. Here's what you need to know.

Black Desert Console Receives Great Ocean Margoria Region

Black Desert on console is set to receive the Great Ocean of Magoria region today, roughly doubling the size of the world.

Black Desert Mobile Receives Merchantry System, Ramoness Season 2

A new trading system and Season 2 of Ramoness were introduced to Black Desert Mobile today. Here's the scoop.