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Bandai Namco Shuts Down Gundam Evolution Just Under A Year Since Its Launch

Gundam Evolution is being canned just under a year since it launched, Bandai Namco announced earlier today. The 6v6 Gundam shooter launched last year on PC and console and will see its service end on November 29th across all platforms.

Blue Protocol Details Upcoming Improvements and Exciting New Class

Bandai Namco, the developers behind the popular MMORPG, Blue Protocol, recently disclosed several crucial changes and improvements in their latest update during a developer livestream.

Blue Protocol: Here's 5 Tips to Help Get You Started on the Japanese Servers

If you're jumping into the game for the first time and you're a little lost on how to quest when you can't really understand what's going on, here's a few tips to get you started.

Amazon Marks Blue Protocol Japanese Launch and Again Confirms PC Closed Beta in 2023

Amazon Games marks Japanese Blue Protocol launch and new class, and confirms PC closed beta this year.

Do You Need a VPN to Play Blue Protocol on the Japanese Servers?

If you're planning on playing the game on the Japanese servers, you may have a lot of questions, such as "Do you need a VPN to play?" Here are the answers to your questions.

Want to Play Blue Protocol on Launch in Japan? Here's How to Pre-Load the Game

Bandai Namco's long-awaited action MMORPG, Blue Protocol, will finally take place on June 14th. Here's how to preload the game.

Blue Protocol Japan Network Test Ends, Devs Release the Game's Opening Video

Blue Protocol wrapped its Japanese network test this week, and the team has released the game's opening video, featuring a new theme song from legendary group L'Arc en Ciel. 

Gundam Wing's Iconic Heavyarms Mobile Suit Is Coming To Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution is getting one of the most iconic Gundams in the series' history as part of its Season 3 mid-season update this month. Gundam Heavyarms Custom (EW) will enter the arena in the 6v6 first-person Gundam game, bringing Trowa's, well, heavily armored mobile suit to the fray.

Blue Protocol is Hosting a 'Network Test Status' Developer Livestream Next Week

Blue Protocol, the highly anticipated anime-inspired MMORPG from Bandai Namco, has recently tweeted that they will be hosting a developer livestream next week. Will you tune in?

On Blue Protocol, Final Fantasy XIV's Naoki Yoshida Says More Options Make the MMORPG Genre Better

Commenting on Blue Protocol, Final Fantasy XIV Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida says that having many MMORPG options makes the genre better, and dev teams can learn from one another.

Elden Ring Adds PvP Arenas in New Free Colosseums DLC

Elden Ring is not done occupying your hours of time. Colosseums, the new free update, adds three PvP arenas with their own rulesets to add multiplayer competition.

Blue Protocol Will Hold a Network Test in January and Be Present at The Game Awards in December

Bandai Namco sets a mid-January network test for Blue Protocol and a spring 2023 launch window in Japan. There's a new trailer and a presence coming at The Game Awards next month

Blue Protocol Is Hosting A Network Test, Details Coming November 15th

Blue Protocol is ramping up after quite a long silence from the Bandai Namco team. Since confirming the MMO was still in development a few days ago, the team has announced it will be hosting a new network test.

Bandai Namco Says Blue Protocol is 'Continuing Development' and Promises An Announcement Next Week

Blue Protocol is well in development, according to the official Twitter's first tweet in 15 months, and we can expect a new announcement next week.

Blue Protocol Release Coming Sometime After 2022 Due To Bandai Namco's Restructuring

If you've been wondering what exactly is going on with Blue Protocol, you're not alone. Thankfully, it looks like Bandai Namco has provided something of an update this week for fans eager for news.