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Albion Online Implements More Than 1200 Bans Due to Third-Party Currency Transactions

Sandbox Interactive has been hard at work brandishing their Banhammer in Albion Online by banning over 1200 accounts that have participated in some type of third-party currency transaction.

Albion Online Has Banned 604 Accounts for Third Party Currency Purchases

Well, the banhammer has come down in Albion Online for 604 accounts who participated in third party currency purchases.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Bans Over 10,000 Real Money Trading Accounts

Over 10,000 accounts were banned in Phantasy Star Online 2 over a three week period.

Blizzard Suspends Over 74,000 WoW Accounts

Blizzard has suspended over 74,000 World of Warcraft accounts which they found to be in violation of their End User License Agreement (EULA).