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Last Oasis Patch Brings Fixes, Balance, Improvements

There's a new patch for Last Oasis and brings a bunch of fixes, improvements, and explosions.

Latest Neverwinter Patch Brings Class Balance

The latest patch to Neverwinter brings about several class balance changes. Here are some details.

Black Desert Mobile Brings Major Balance Change to Nova

Although the Nova class was only recently released, the class is receiving several major balance changes in Black Desert Mobile.

Class Balance Changes Coming to Guild Wars 2 in July 7 Patch

Not to be left out, Guild Wars 2 is seeing its own host of balance changes arriving in an upcoming July 7 patch.

Neverwinter Patch Brings Class and Balance Tweaks

Class balance tweaks are the focus of a recent Neverwinter patch, in addition to some minor changes to economy, and general UI refinement.

Riot Talks How They Balance for Valorant

In an extremely lengthy post, Riot has outlined how they approach balancing for Valorant.

Latest Hearthstone Patch Brings Battlegrounds Balance Updates

The most recent Hearthstone patch has brought with it several balance updates to Battlegrounds.

Albion Online Patch 12 Brings Balance Changes to Season 9

Balance changes are here for Albion Online in its latest patch for Season 9.

World of Tanks Update 1.9 Outlines Balance Changes

Balance change are coming to World of Tanks in Update 1.9.