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Neverwinter - The Redeemed Citadel Interview

On October 13th, Neverwinter released the third Milestone in their ongoing Avernus campaign named The Redeemed Citadel. When Avernus released, the team over at Cryptic Studios sat down to talk with us about the expansion, and now that this new Milestone is available, in this exclusive interview, we had a chance to talk with the team about what players can expect out of the new three star Hunt Mark, and their brand new Heroic Challenge "Ensnared".

Diving into Avernus: An Interview With The Neverwinter Team

Recently, Neverwinter's latest content update, Avernus, has hit consoles and PC. Jonathan was able to catch up with the team behind Neverwinter for some insight about the content update.

Neverwinter Patch Notes Bring Tweaks to Content, Encounters, More

The latest Neverwinter patch notes touch on content, companions, encounters, and more.

Neverwinter: Avernus and Star Trek Online: House Divided Launch on PC

Cryptic Studios will be celebrating 20 years of game development with the launch of Star Trek Online: House Divided and Neverwinter Avernus on PC.

Neverwinter Outlines Heroic Encounters in Avernus

Arc Games has outlined heroic encounters in Avernus in their latest Neverwinter dev blog.

Neverwinter: Avernus Releases on PC June 30

The release date for Neverwinter's next big update has been revealed, and players will be able to journey through hell when Avernus launches June 30 on PC.

Neverwinter Dev Blog Outlines Avernus Adventure Zone

A new developer blog from the Neverwinter team gives us more information on an adventure zone called Avernus.