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HBB x Yanyin Mahina Review

Popular YouTuber, Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews, has partnered with Yanyin to release the brand new Mahina. It doesn't come cheap, but is definitely worth a closer look for the game-loving audiophile.

Angry Miao CYBERBLADE Review: The Most Innovative TWS Earbuds for PC

Angry Miao made its name on fancy mechanical keyboards, but its latest release is one of the best pairs of gaming earbuds we've tested. Looking to cut the cord? Find out how in our review!

Thieaudio Wraith Review

Thieaudio has been a major player in the earphone world but it's back with one of the coolest looking headphones we've seen. Do they have what it takes to take your music and games to the next level? Find out in our review!

DUNU Vulkan Hybrid IEM Review

DUNU's volcano-inspired Vulkan IEMs pack six drivers (2 dynamic, 4 balance armatures) into each ear, and they look as unique as they sound. Find our if they're worth a buy in our review!

Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones Review

Focal is one of the most esteemed brands in the audiophile world, and the Elex may just be the best headphone for music and games in its price bracket. Looking for headphones with incredible clarity and spaciousness? Look no further than the Massdrop x Focal Elex.

Beyerdynamic's, Free Byrd, and the Company's First TWS Earbuds and They're Great for Gaming Too (Review)

The Free Byrds are Beyerdynamic's first true wireless earbuds. They've been a long time coming, so how do they shape up?

Audeze LCD-2 Classic Review

The Audeze LCD-2 Classic is considered by many the best planar magnetic headphone under $1000. Does it live up to the hype for music and gaming? Find out in our review!

ASUS ROG CETRA True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

Is the ASUS ROG CETRA True Wireless the best true wireless gaming headset? At $199, it's designed for music, games, and everything between. Find out if it's worth considering in our review!

Golden Ears: HarmonicDyne G200 Review

Is the HarmonicDyne G200 the best planar magnetic headphone? Whether you're listening to music or playing games, these headphones are definitely worth a look. Find out why in our review!

Hidiz S9 PRO and Mermaid MM2 Combined Review

Hidiz has made its name on delivering outstanding sound quality for less, and we took its new S9 PRO and Mermaid MM2 IEMs for a test drive with impressive results. Find out more in our review. #Hidizs #Hidizstechnology

Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Review

Steelseries is back with its brand new flagship wireless gaming headset, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless. It features ANC, swappable batteries, and more, but is it worth $349?

Hidiz MD4 Review - 4 Balanced Armatures and Tuning Switches

High-end audio usually comes at a high cost, but the Hidiz MD4 aims to challenge that. Is this the best audiophile IEM on a budget? Find out in our review! #Hidizs #Hidizstechnology

Thieaudio Elixir Review: The New Single Dynamic King Under $250?

Looking for the best earphones for sound quality and price? The Thieaudio Elixir is doing this differently and is definitely worth a closer look. Find out if it's worth a buy in our review!

Rode Unveils the Rodecaster Pro II

Rode Microphones just unveiled its latest all-in-one audio solution for gamers, podcasters, and creators. It's the Rodecaster Pro II and it may just be game-changing.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Review

Sennheiser just released the Momentum True Wireless 3. They're smaller, cheaper, and sound better than ever, but are they worth picking up versus the competition? Find out in our review!