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EarFun Air Pro 3 Review: Game Mode and More

EarFun has made its name delivering value per dollar, but does the EarFun Air Pro 3 have what it takes to be the best true wireless earbuds on a budget? Find out in this review!

Golden Ears: Focal Bathys Wireless Headphone Review

In this edition of Golden Ears, we're looking at the Focal Bathys, the best Bluetooth headphone with ANC of 2022. Find out what makes it so special in this review.

Fiio FW5 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Fiio has been making some of the best wired audio products for years. How will it fare with its new pair of true wireless earbuds? Find out if the Fiio FW5 is worth a buy in this review!

DUNU Kima Earphones Review

DUNU is back with its latest affordable IEM, but does the Kima have what it takes to be the best IEM under $120 for music and gaming? Find out in our review!

V-Moda Crossfade 3 Wireless Review

V-Moda has been a major player in wireless headphones and it's officially back with its new flagship. Are the V-Moda Crossfade 3 Wireless the best wireless headphones of the year? Find out in our review!

Golden Ears: Meze 109 Pro Review - Audiophile Music and Gaming

The Meze 109 Pro is one of the biggest surprises of the year. Perfect for music and gaming alike, these comfortable cans may be the best open-back headphones of 2022. Find out in our review!

Soundcore Sleep A10 Wireless Earbuds Review

Looking for a great pair of sleep earbuds? Until now, your options have been limited, but the Soundcore Sleep A10 are designed to be the best earbuds for sleep of 2022. Find out if they succeed in this review!

Soundcore Liberty 4 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Soundcore has been an up-and-comer in the audio world for several years now and its new Liberty 4 true wireless earbuds may be the best TWS earbuds you can buy for music and gaming. Find out in our review!

Golden Ears: ThieAudio Oracle MKII IEM Review

ThieAudio is back with their latest IEM, a successor to the legendary Oracle. Is it the best new earphone for music and games? Find out in this review!

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Headset Review

EPOS made its name on high-quality headphones and we took its latest H3Pro Hybrid Gaming Headset for a spin. Coming in at $279, it's a pricey bit of kit. Find out what makes it so special in this review.

Golden Ears: HBB x Yanyin Mahina Review

Popular YouTuber, Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews, has partnered with Yanyin to release the brand new Mahina. It doesn't come cheap, but is definitely worth a closer look for the game-loving audiophile.

Angry Miao CYBERBLADE Review: The Most Innovative TWS Earbuds for PC

Angry Miao made its name on fancy mechanical keyboards, but its latest release is one of the best pairs of gaming earbuds we've tested. Looking to cut the cord? Find out how in our review!

Thieaudio Wraith Review

Thieaudio has been a major player in the earphone world but it's back with one of the coolest looking headphones we've seen. Do they have what it takes to take your music and games to the next level? Find out in our review!

DUNU Vulkan Hybrid IEM Review

DUNU's volcano-inspired Vulkan IEMs pack six drivers (2 dynamic, 4 balance armatures) into each ear, and they look as unique as they sound. Find our if they're worth a buy in our review!

Golden Ears: Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones Review

Focal is one of the most esteemed brands in the audiophile world, and the Elex may just be the best headphone for music and games in its price bracket. Looking for headphones with incredible clarity and spaciousness? Look no further than the Massdrop x Focal Elex.