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Soundpeats H1 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Soundpeats made over $1 million dollars crowdfunding its new H1 True Wireless earbuds last year. We've spent the last week putting them through their paces. At $79.99, do they live up to the hype? Find out in our review!

Drop + HIFIMAN HE-4XX Review

Today, we're looking at one of the most acclaimed collaborations between Drop and HIFIMAN with the HE-4XX. Coming in at $180, it's open-back design is great for music and gaming alike. Is it worth a buy?

Roccat Syn Pro Air Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Wireless freedom: that's the goal of Roccat Syn Pro Air gaming headset. A light design with an impressive 24 hours of use on a single charge. Is it worth a buy? Find out in our review!

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 Review

Bowers & Wilkins is known for its luxury headphones and speakers, but what happens when it tries its hand at the true wireless market? The PI7, that's what. Coming in at $399, they don't come cheap but do they have enough to challenge the competition? Find out in our review!

Earfun Free Pro True Wireless Review

Looking for an affordable pair of ANC earbuds? At $47.99, the EarFun Free might just be for you. Find out in our review!

Hilidac Atom 2 MQA USB Portable DAC/Amplifier Review (with Tanchjim Tanya)

Portable HiFi. That's the promise of this tiny not-so-dongle DAC and amp. At $79.99, is this the upgrade your smartphone needs?

Thieaudio Legacy 2 Review

Looking for an affordable pair of headphones to take on the go that also sound great? Thieaudio thinks it has the answer with the new Legacy 2 in-ear monitor. Coming in at $99, find out in our review if it succeeds.

Earfun Free 2 True Wireless Review: Waterproof True Wireless Earphones!

Looking for a pair of earbuds you can take in the pool but that also deliver excellent audio and battery life? For only $49, the Earfun Free 2 might be one of the best values in true wireless. Find out in our review.

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Carbon Edition Review

Bowers & Wilkins is one of the most respected names in high-end audio. Does its new PX7 Carbon Edition Wireless Headphones have what it takes to compete in the premium noise-canceling market? Find out in our review.

Golden Ears: Audeze LCD-GX: Exploring the $900 Gaming Headset

Welcome back to Golden Ears. Today we're looking at what may be the world's most expensive gaming headset. Coming in at $899, what does this headset have to offer that others don't?

Golden Ears: HIFIMAN Ananda

In this edition of Golden Ears, we're diving further down the audiophile rabbit hole with the HIFIMAN Ananda. At $699, they certainly fit the bill, so let's take a closer look at what makes this high-end headphone so popular.

Drop + THX Panda Wireless Headphone Review

Looking for a bluetooth headphone that puts sound quality first and can ALSO double as a great gaming headset? Thanks to its latest update, the Drop + THX Panda may be that all-in-one headset you've been waiting for.

Moondrop Sparks Review

Moondrop has made some of the most interesting and hyped earphones over the last several years but what happens when it tries its hand at true wireless? Find out in our review!

Creative SXFI Air Gamer Wireless Headset Review

Creative is a legendary company in the world of PC audio. How does its latest gaming headset stack up? Find out in our review!

Fiio FH5s Review: Dragonscale

Fiio just released the latest entry to its line-up of earphones, the FH5s. Featuring four drivers in each ear and a semi open-back design with a dragonscale finish, is this earphone worth a buy? Find out in our review!

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