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Atlas on Xbox Receives Hotfix for Data Corruption Issue

If you're playing Atlas on Xbox consoles, there's a hotfix you may want to pay attention to.

Atlas Patch 514.3 Brought the Wipe and Trade

Atlas patch v514.3 brought about the previously announced wipe as the trade update when live.

Atlas Getting a Wipe Next Week as They Implement Trade System Update

Ahoy pirates! Atlas is set to receive a wipe early next week as the team plans on releasing the third part of their Trade System.

Atlas Q&A Reiterates Focus on Bug Fixing and Optimizing Before Adding New Features

A recent Atlas Q&A reiterates that the game still has bugs and optimization to focus on before adding new features.

Atlas Q&A Talks Optimization, New Ships, More

The most recent Q&A for Atlas takes touches on optimization, new ships, and more.

Atlas Patch v407.2 Adds Farmhouses

The latest patch v407.2 for Atlas has added farmhouses to the mix, in addition to other changes.

ATLAS Receives New World Map This Friday July 3 for PC and Xbox One

As previously announced, ATLAS is set to receive new world map for Season 4: The Maelstrom on Friday at 8p PST for PC and Xbox One. Here are the details.

ATLAS' New World Map Deploys in July

Atlas is receiving a new world map in July on both PC and Xbox One.

ATLAS Patch: v405.9 Brings New Item, QoL, More

The most recent Atlas patch notes look at a new item, balance changes, QoL changes, and more.

Path of Exile Outlines Atlas of Worlds Changes

Path of Exile is receiving changes to the Atlas of Worlds as per their latest community update.