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Astellia is Shutting Down October 29

In statements on its own site and on Steam, the Astellia team have announced the service is indeed shutting down. TImes and refund info were shared.

Astellia March 30 Maintenance Bringing Changes to Miodan

Upcoming maintenance and patch work for Astellia brings about some changes and updates to Miodan. Here are some details.

Astellia Maintenance Today Brings Several Events

Astellia's maintenance today will bring about several events upon its conclusion.

Astellia Provides Compensation for Database Error

If you experienced the database error for Astellia on December 26, compensation is en route.

Astellia Patch Lets You Dismantle Mounts, Brings Skill Balances

If you've wanted to dismantle your mount, well, now you can thanks to a new Astellia patch.

Astellia Hosting Halloween Screenshot Contest

Halloween festivities continue across the industry and in MMOs. The folks behind Astellia are hosting a Halloween screenshot contest to celebrate.

Astellia Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Multiple Events

You can take part in the one year anniversary of Astellia as a host of new events mark the celebration.

Here's A Guide For What To Do Once You Hit Level 50 in Astellia

Are you looking for things to do after hitting level 50 in Astellia? Well, the community managers have created a guide.

Astellia Maintenance Will Bring an End to the Summer Event

If you've been enjoying the Summer Event in Astellia, well, it's coming to a close with the latest patch.

Next Astellia Update Focuses on Avalon

The next update for Astellia is all about Avalon.

Astellia's 'Home, Sweet Home' Event Returns Today

Astellia's Home, Sweet Home event is set to return today and will run through June 30.

Astellia Previews June 9th Update Removing Some Daily Quests

Daily quest and weekly quests are getting removed and changed in some areas in the latest Update Preview for Astellia's June 9 release.

Astellia Maintenance Today Brings Tulie Patch

Astellia Online has maintenance scheduled for today at 12p PDT, during which time the Tulie patch will go live.

Astellia Maintenance Patch Brings Bug Fixes and More

Maintenance for Astellia Online was scheduled for 12p PDT today, and brings with it the usual patch notes.

Astellia Online No Longer Operated By Barunson E&A

Astellia Online announced a change in management today. They will no longer be managed by Barunson E&A.