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Riot Talks Smurfing in New Ask Valorant

The latest edition of Ask Valorant basically confirms that Riot, too, wants a replay feature in Valorant. Additionally, the team talked about smurfing and how they plan on handling this very real problem in their hero-shooter.

No, Valorant's HRTF Does Not Reduce Game Volume

In the latest Ask Valorant, Riot tackles questions on abilities, HRTF audio, and more. What even is HRTF, you ask? Well, that's a good question.

Riot Discusses Agent-Specific Key Bindings in Valorant Q&A

Riot has released a new Ask Valorant discussing agent-specific key bindings, agent selection time, and more.

Riot Talks Running+Shooting Accuracy in Valorant

In a new Ask Valorant, Riot takes up a few of your questions, including one involving running and shooting.

Riot Discusses How They'll Handle AFK/Throwers in Valorant

Riot has released a new Ask Valorant featuring the community's questions on blocking, AFKers, and more.

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