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Ashes of Creation Next Live Stream Scheduled for January 29

Intrepid Studios have announced the date of their next Ashes of Creation live stream for January.

Ashes of Creation's Steven Sharif Clarifies a Few Points on Cosmetics and Monthly Costs

In a lengthy and informative post by Creative Director of Ashes of Creation, Steven Sharif, a talk of cosmetic variations and Intrepid's outlook on monetization was in full focus.

Ashes of Creation Wants to Know Your Thoughts On Login Rewards

The next dev discussion for Ashes of Creation is here. This time, the team wants to know your thoughts on login rewards.

Intrepid Studios is Hiring for Systems, Combat and Quest Designers

Intrepid Studios have posted several new job opportunities that include a Senior Combat Designer, a Senior Systems Designer and more for their upcoming game Ashes of Creation.

Ashes of Creation Creative Director's Letter Looks Forward to 2021

In the latest letter from Ashes of Creation Creative Director Steven Sharif, he takes a a look back at 2020 and the progress the game has made, with a steely eye towards the progress the team intends to make in 2021.

Expect Your Ashes of Creation Progress to be Wiped Between Test Phases

Are you planning on being in the Ashes of Creation playtests? Well, you should expect your progress to be wiped between test sessions.

Following Ashes of Creation's Pretest, Steven Sharif Talks Potentially Opening up Alpha 1 Sales Again

Intrepid Studios ran a 4-day pretest last week for Ashes of Creation where thousands of players took part in testing the game in a limited capacity ahead of the Alpha 1 test that is planned for April. Creative Director Steven Sharif popped into the forums to talk about whether Alpha 1 access will be purchasable again, and why the Alpha Pretest was important in that decision.

Ashes of Creation Showcases The Mage Archetype In Alpha One Preview Blog

In a new blog post on the Ashes of Creation website, the team at Intrepid Studios has showcased the Mage Archetype to fans in its latest Alpha One preview.

Next Ashes of Creation Live Stream is December 22, Submit Your Questions

The next live stream for Ashes of Creation has been announced, and Intrepid Studios are taking questions from the community.

The Ashes of Creation Team Wants Your Thoughts on Boss Difficulty

Boss difficulty. This isn't a controversial topic at all. That being said, the Ashes of Creation team wants your thoughts on it during the latest dev discussion.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Q&A Reveals Additional Details on Nodes

If you missed the previous developer update from Ashes of Creation, don't worry. There were plenty of questions asked by the community which Intrepid Studios addressed.

Ashes of Creation Character Stat Revamp Underway Before February Test

The Ashes of Creation team hosted a live stream yesterday which covered off a range of topics including a character stat revamp ahead of the February test.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Today at 2p ET

You stil have time to submit your questions to the Ashes of Creation team ahead of the live stream later today.

Ashes of Creation Team Wants Your Thoughts on Overgearing

The Ashes of Creation dev team want your thoughts on overgearing in their latest dev discussion.

Ashes of Creation is Hiring - Again

In a not-so-subtle tweet, Intrepid Studios blasted the horn that they are hiring for Ashes of Creation, and the available positions range from art and design, all the way to producers in both the US and EU regions. The team is also looking for community managers geared towards French, German and Russian languages.