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Ashes of Creation Guild Gatherings Asks About Your Fondest Guild Memory

The latest Guild Gatherings for Ashes of Creation went live earlier, asking your thoughts on fondest memories.

Ashes of Creation Dev Discussion Asks About Environments

The folks over at Intrepid Studios, the team developing upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation, have announced their next Dev Discussion. This time, they want your thoughts on environments.

Ashes of Creation AMA Scheduled for June 13

The next AMA for Ashes of Creation has been announced. That date is June 13. Read on for more details.

Here's What Happened During the Ashes of Creation Live Stream

Intrepid Studios held their most recent live stream for Ashes of Creation just this past Friday. If you happened to miss it, here are the highlights.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Today, Lead Designer Jeffrey Bard Leaves Intrepid Studios

Here's a quick PSA. Intrepid Studios is hosting their next live stream for Ashes of Creationu later today. If you're thinking of tuning in, here are the details you should know.

Ashes of Creation's Creative Director Explains What He Thinks Gets Players Hyped

A recent thread on Reddit questioning why players are hyped for Ashes of Creation saw a bevy of answers as to why the players are excited for the upcoming MMORPG. However, a telling response from Ashes of Creation's own Steven Sharif detailed why he thinks players are hyped, and he lashed out at those that spread lies about his past with a Multi-Level Marketing company.

Ashes of Creation Guild Gathering Asks You About Team Building

The next Guild Gathering from Ashes of Creation's community team at Intrepid Studios is here. This time, the team wants your input about a perhaps overlooked aspect of guild communities: team building.

Ashes of Creation Lifts Verbal NDA, Visual NDA Still Applies

It seems Intrepid Studios, the team behind Ashes of Creation, has lifted the verbal NDA tied to their alpha. However, the visual NDA still applies. Here are the details.

Ashes of Creation's Creative Director Apologizes for 'Unprofessional Commentary' Over New World Payment Model

Creative Director of Ashes of Creation, Steven Sharif, may not be the most outspoken developers in the industry, but recently, his hot take on the upcoming Amazon Game Studios title, New World has made some waves. The Discord message in question hasn't been removed, but has been deemed "unprofessional" from Sharif himself earlier today on Reddit.

Ashes of Creation Asks You About Crafting

The next Dev Discussion is here from the Ashes of Creation team. This time, they want your thoughts on crafting.

Ashes of Creation June Alpha One Test Delayed, Cites Other MMO Launches, More For Delay

Ashes of Creation's upcoming NDA-less Alpha One test was scheduled to take place on June 1st and run the whole month, however in an update Intredpid Studios has announced that the test will be delayed into July.

Ashes of Creation's Steven Sharif Clarifies Content Creator Program Details

Intrepid Studios recently revealed their revamped Content Creator Program to the community. Steven Sharif chimed in on Reddit as well to provide some clarification on the program.

MMOSide Chat: Are You Excited For Any Of The MMOs Expected This Year?

As Bradford looked around the MMO landscape this month, multiple alpha and betas dot the weeks. Zenith, Swords of Legends Online, Elyon, Bless Unleashed PC, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - There is a lot on the horizon. However, Bradford wonders: is anyone really excited for the new games expected this year?

Ashes of Creation's Combat Revamp Won't Complete Until After Alpha One

Ashes of Creation's (AoC) creative director, Steven Sharif, took to Reddit today to answer some questions about the combat revamp that was originally slated for a March Alpha One Preview Test. The revamp is meant to make combat more fluid, although Sharif indicates that the final form of combat may still change as AoC's development continues.

Ashes of Creation Dev Live Stream Today at 2p ET

Here's a quick PSA: the newest Ashes of Creation live stream is scheduled for later today at 11a PDT / 2p EDT. You can expect to catch the latest development updates from the community team in addition to the usual Q&A.

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