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These Are the Dates for Ashes of Creation Alpha One Testing

Ashes of Creation Creative Director, Steven Sharif, shared his letter to the community recently where the dates of Alpha One testing was shared.

Ashes of Creation Wants Your Thoughts on Housing and Decor

Intrepid Studios, the developers behind Ashes of Creation, want your thoughts on housing and décor.

Here's What Happened for Ashes of Creation in September

Ashes of Creation had a busy September. Here's what happened.

The Glorious Gourd Contest Returns to Ashes of Creation

The Glorious Gourd contest has returned to Ashes of Creation and is set to run pretty much all month long.

Ashes of Creation Previews Aquatic Mounts and More in Live Stream

Ashes of Creation held a live stream earlier today where they showed off aquatic mounts in their pre-alpha, plus answering questions in a Q&A session.

A Journey Through SWTOR: Revenge of the MMORPG Fatigue

Falko takes us through Chapter 5 of his Journey through SWTOR as he deals with the dreaded feeling of MMORPG fatigue.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Scheduled for September 30

Attention, an Ashes of Creation live stream is scheduled for September 30 at 11a PDT as the team is set to give us a sneak peak of the latest updates.

Watch Ashes of Creation Creative Director in PAX Panel About 'The Future of Online Games'

You can check out the PAX panel which took place recently featuring Ashes of Creation Creative Director Steven Sharif and other studio heads.

Ashes of Creation Dev Discussion Wants to Know Moments in MMORPGs Which Broke Your Immersion

The latest Ashes of Creation dev discussion is here and wants your input on immersion breakers.

Ashes of Creation - Intrepid Takes a Look Back at August

In a newsletter to fans, Ashes of Creation developer Intrepid Studios provided quite a few details on the accomplishments they've made in August. Everything from Pre-Alpha footage to additions to the Ashes of Creation shop were outlined.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Showed Off Hybrid Combat

The recent Ashes of Creation live stream showed off some pre-alpha hybrid combat along with providing a few updates.

Ashes of Creation Developer Mutually Splits From Publisher My.Games, Will Globally Self-Publish MMO

Intrepid Studios, developer of upcoming MMO Ashes of Creation, announced today via a blog post that they will be self-publishing their MMO globally, parting ways with current EU publisher My.Games.

Ashes of Creation Dev Discussion Wants Your Thoughts on Quest Breadcrumbs

Intrepid Studios has published Dev Discussion 21 for Ashes of Creation, but this time posing a question for the fans and community.

Ashes of Creation Shares Sneak Peak of Crafted Armor Set

The Ashes of Creation team shared a quick sneak peak at some crafted leather armor earlier today.

Ashes of Creation Team Is Hiring For Several Positions

The team behind Ashes of Creation, Intrepid Studios, is hiring for some key positions. Do you fit the bill?