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Ashes of Creation Shows off the Mobile, Aggressive, Strategic Fighter Archetype

The latest Ashes of Creation monthly stream featured a new demo of the Fighter class archetype, along with details on the style, overhauled mechanics and abilities.

Ashes of Creation CEO Reflects on 2023 and Acknowledges the 'Challenges' in the Industry

In an end of year missive on the official Ashes of Creation Discord, CEO Steven Sharif shared his thoughts on the strides and popularity of Ashes of Creation while noting that all was not well with game development this past year.

Ashes of Creation Alpha 2 Set for Q3 2024, New Archer Preview Out Now

The Ashes of Creation team have closed out their monthly streams of 2023 with a new look at the Ranger and an announcement of the Alpha 2 window.

Ashes of Creation Isn't Aiming to be a World of Warcraft Killer Says Community Manager

In a recent post on the official forums, Cody Peterson, an Associate Community Manager at Intrepid Studios, shared his perspective on Ashes of Creation and its place in the MMORPG landscape.

Ashes of Creation Demos the Intricate, High Risk, High Reward Caravan System

Ashes of Creation's latest monthly stream showed off the game's Caravan system, how it works and the many other systems it interacts with.

Ashes of Creation Ends Speculation with Announcement of Alpha 2 in 2024

Many have speculated that Alpha 2 is just around the corner, but Intrepid has put that speculation to rest, stating that the game is set to enter its Alpha 2 phase in 2024.

Ashes of Creation Clarifies End of Preorders Does Not Signal Start of Alpha 2

Recently Ashes of Creation has notified their players that they will no longer offer preorders after the September Pre-Order packs. That doesn't necessarily mean Alpha 2 is on the way.

Ashes of Creation Shows Updated Cleric, Highwaymen Hills Location, and Dynamic Systems in Verra

The Ashes of Creation team held another end of the month development update stream. This time, there's an in-depth update of the Cleric archetype and the Highwaymen Hills area.

Ashes of Creation Shows Off Freeholds in Latest Video Preview

If you  missed the Ashes of Creation livestream last week, then you'll definitely want to catch up with the recently released video walkthrough of their Freehold system from the Alpha Two update.

MMO Vet Bill Trost Leaves Amazon Games, Joins Intrepid Studios as Lead Designer on Ashes of Creation

Bill Trost, one of the original designers on EverQuest, who has spent his career on a number of MMOs, most recently at Amazon Games, has been named the new Lead Designer on Ashes of Creation.

Ashes of Creation Updates on Alpha and Shows Off Massive Cyclops World Boss Fight

 Ashes of Creation held its latest development stream this week, and it featured development updates and a special preview of Alpha Two's Cyclops boss fight.

Ashes of Creation Previews Tower of Carphin and Story Arc System That Adapts to the World

The Ashes of Creation team previewed its dynamic Story Arc system to change content based on player activity in the world, and gave the first in-depth look at the Tower of Carphin.

The Kickstarter MMO is Dead | OGR

Are Kickstarter MMORPGs a thing of the past? In this week's One Good Roll Steven concludes that crowdfunding is dead.

Ashes of Creation's Lastest Developer Update Dives Deep Into UI, and Teases Tower of Carphin Dungeon

The Ashes of Creation team's latest development update stream covered some new ground, including UI development process and progress made. There was also an update on character art and a preview of Tower of Carphin, an upcoming lore-rich planned dungeon location.

Ashes of Creation Previews the Tank Archetype for Alpha Two in Latest Dev Video

This past week, Ashes of Creation's Creative Director Steven Sharif uploaded a hefty video of more than 45 minutes of gameplay. AoC fans should definitely check this out!