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Gordon Walton Confirms Crowfall Layoffs and Details What's Next

In his latest Founders' Update, Crowfall Executive Producer Gordon Walton confirmed the recent report of layoffs on the team, while also detailing what's in the works for the game.

Report: Crowfall Team Seeing Layoffs

Over the weekend, there were reports coming in that ArtCraft has laid off some of the Crowfall team. While there hasn't been an official announcement, Val Massey, who spent five years in community management for Crowfall, tweeted "Gutted and gobsmacked to hear about the @ArtCraftEnt layoffs today. " The number of affected team members is unknown.

Crowfall Talks The Shadow Update, Addresses Conquest Scoring Issue In Dregs Campaign

In an update on the Crowfall website, ArtCraft co-founder Gordon Walton addressed fans in the latest Founder's Update. This update itself focuses on the recently released 3-faction PvP mode, The Shadow, as well as controversy which sprang up as the last Dregs campaign came to a close.

Crowfall Launches 3-Faction Battles Today Called The Shadow

Crowfall has started its post-launch push with their first content drop since the PVP MMO hit PCs fully last month. Called "The Shadow," this 3-faction PvP mode is geared to getting players into the main draw of Crowfall - PvP - without the need of a guild to get them there.

Crowfall Review-In-Progress

ArtCraft Entertainment's Crowfall launched back on July 6th, bringing the PvP-centric, throne war MMO to center stage. But how does it stack up thus far with about a week's worth of gameplay under our belts? Matt takes you through in his review-in-progress.

Crowfall Taking It 'Slow And Steady' Amid Low Player Count Concerns

Crowfall launched officially earlier this week, and while the server instability and DDoS attacks seem to behind them, one issue that is cropping up in the community is that of player count.

I'm Really Not Getting Into Crowfall's Combat And Animations Are The Reason Why

Bradford was finally able to get some Crowfall behind him, and first impressions aren't all that rosy. While the game itself looks good with an interesting art style, the combat is feeling somewhat lacking for Bradford, and he thinks he has a good idea why.

Crowfall Beta First Impressions

With so many games attempting to innovate their respective genres, the MMORPG has been in need of some serious love and attention in recent years. Thankfully we've moved past the age of every new title needing to be the next "WOW killer", and have instead progressed to a time where MMO's are more interested in creating something new rather than the same thing but "better." Matt took a look at Crowfall in the most recent beta test.

Crowfall Lowers Base Game Price As Well As Details VIP Membership Service Ahead Of July Launch

Crowfall is coming in July, and ArtCraft Entertainment announced today their monetization prices ahead of the launch, with special mention of the VIP package as well as base game price.

Crowfall Celebrates with Co-Founder Update - 'Going Live is Not the End of the Journey - it is the Beginning'

In MMORPG's, the destination is often not as important as the journey, and in Crowfall, the recent announcement of their July release doesn't signal the end of that journey for ArtCraft entertainment, but the beginning.

Crowfall Officially Launching On July 6th

Crowfall, the highly anticipated PvP MMO is finally releasing, coming next month on July 6th.  The upcoming MMO celebrated the announcement with an all-new animatic video about the first story in Crowfall: Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds.

Crowfall's Latest ACE Q&A Gives an Overview and Explains the Latest Test Build

In the latest Crowfall developer Q&A, the ArtCraft Entertainment team outlines what released in the latest test build. They also go over some feature's players may not have noticed and expressed appreciation to the those who have spent their time putting in bug reports.

Crowfall Responds to the Community, Siege Gameplay, Tactics and More on the Way

In a response to a twitter follower, Crowfall developer ArtCraft wants to reassure players that they are planning to deliver some substantial content, with many features still to come. They state they are working hard on their next update, which plans to release sometime next week.

Crowfall Q&A Tomorrow December 1st at 11AM CT for the 'Crowfall Curious'

The latest tweet by the official Crowfall twitter account wants players and potential players to tune in to the latest Q&A stream, which will start December 1st at 11AM. Topics for discussion will include what's coming up in the next patch, as well as divulging some details on what the developers are working on, and of course, they'll provide some answers to player questions too.

Crowfall Introduces a New Character Specialization System Update - THE REVIVAL

ArtCraft has announced the latest update to Crowfall, which will expand the options players have to create unique character builds substantially. The team projects that giving players the freedom for diverse character builds will fundamentally change the game - for the better.