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Analyzing Lost Ark's End of Year Roadmap

This Lost Ark roadmap is quite the juicy one, and will mark the end of the Legion Commander Raid mainline series that KR has had up until recently. We're also getting two new classes, back to back to back, and some unexpected content as well! Join Lowry as they break it down.

Babylon's Fall Servers Shutting Down Less Than One Year After It Launched

Babylon's Fall, PlatinumGames' multiplayer action RPG, is set to shut its servers down in February, coming less than a year since the maligned game launched. The last day will be February 27th, 2023.

Co-Op ARPG Dragalia Lost, Nintendo's First New IP Designed for Mobile, Shutting Down on November 30th

Co-op multiplayer ARPG Dragalia Lost, Nintendo's first new IP designed for mobile, will shut down on November 30th.

Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra - Previewing The Upcoming Expansion And Chatting With GGG's Chris Wilson

Earlier this week Grinding Gears Games invited the press to have an early look at the new Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra August expansion. While Kevin was prepared to hear the key details about the Kalandra Challenge League, it ended up covering a lot more than he expected.

Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards PS4 Impressions

Matt has been a fan of ARPGs quite literally since their beginnings. So when Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards hit PS4, Matt had to take it for a spin. Check out our thoughts.

Torchlight Infinite Debuts New Trailer, Hitting Open Beta In October

At the TapTap Presents show, X.D. announced that the anticipated mobile version of Torchlight, Torchlight Infinite, would be hitting open beta in October. To celebrate the announcement, the team debuted an all-new CG trailer.

Blizzard Announcing Diablo Immortal's Upcoming Plans 'In The Next Few Weeks'

If you've been curious about the future of Diablo Immortal beyond its first few weeks, you're not alone. However, Blizzard is stating that we'll be waiting a few weeks before they are ready to lift the veil on what comes next.

Diablo Immortal Is The Top Game In The iOS App Store As Players Up In Arms Over Monetization

A day after its initial launch on the iOS and Google Play stores, Diablo Immortal has announced it is the number one title in the US Apple App Store. This is while the community is up in arms over the aggressive monetization, as well as the lackluster PC port of the ARPG.

Torchlight Infinite VS Diablo Immortal: A Comparison

ARPG gamers have plenty of choice when they want to take their games on the go. With the release of Diablo Immortal incoming, as well as the Torchlight Infinite beta (and don't forget Path of Exile on Steam Deck now), there is plenty to choose from. But can they coexist?

Diablo Immortal Review In Progress

Robin has been eagerly looking forward to the launch of Diablo Immortal ever since she participated in the closed alpha last year. But how has it shaped up since then? Check out our review-in-progress of Blizzard's mobile ARPG.

Diablo Immortal Interview: Chatting With Joe Grubb And Rod Ferguson Ahead Of Launch

It's been a little over three years since Diablo Immortal was first announced at the 2018 BlizzCon opening ceremonies. Since then, it has gone through many changes, and Immortal is finally launching this week on June 2nd. Robin chatted with the devs to talk about launch and some of the challenges facing Blizzard with Immortal

Torchlight Infinite's Closed Beta Kicks Off Next Week

Torchlight Infinite's second beta test will begin next week, bringing players back to the mobile ARPG to test it out ahead of a full release. The second round of beta testing brings with it new game modes and more for testers to pour over.

Lost Ark's Early Access Peaks At Over 530K Concurrent Users On Steam

Lost Ark's paid early access is certainly proving popular as the servers today counted over 530K people playing the newly released ARPG MMO. While free-to-play, those who purchased founder's packs were able to get a head start early ahead of the "official" February 11th launch.

Path of Exile's Next Expansion, Siege Of The Atlas, Adds More Eldritch Horrors And A Massive New Skill Tree

Path of Exile's next endgame expansion, Siege of the Atlas, picks up the story right after the defeat of the Eldritch Horror, Sirius. New threats are facing the Atlas and Wraeclast, seeing players defend the Atlas with new items and abilities, a revamped, Atlas-wide passive skill tree in a way only Path of Exile could pull off, and an all-new Challenge League.

Diablo IV Closes The Year With Latest Quarterly Update

Diablo IV is closing out the year with their December quarterly update, this time focusing in on itemization and visual effects.