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Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition Hits Nintendo Switch November 1st With A Whole Host Of Improvements

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition has been given a release date after months of teasing. The revamped Switch version is seeing a release on November 1st, with the EU and other regions following shortly thereafter.

Angela Game Stole Code From Snail Games and Tried to Hide It, According to Independent Expert Report

According to an independent expert, Myth of Empires' Angela Game stole code from Snail Games, and tried to hide it. The legal process will continue, however, with Snail Games getting an advantage here.

Was There An MMO That Ever Surprised You With How Much You Liked It?

Every once in a while we start to play a game that we don't think will be our cup of tea, only to realize just how much we enjoyed it in the end. MMOs can be the same way. Was there ever an MMO you didn't think you'd like, but somehow were surprised by just how much you enjoyed it in the end?

ARK: Survival Evolved Introduces the Fjordur Creatures and the Community Vote Winner

ARK: Survival Evolved will get its upcoming huge Fjordur update in June. Meet the new creatures on the way, including which was the community vote winner.

Snail Games Files Countersuit Against Angela Game and Tencent in Myth of Empires Copyright Case

The ongoing copyright case between Angela Game and Snail Games over Myth of Empires continues, with Snail Games filing a countersuit against Angela Game and Tencent

ARK: Survival Evolved Lost Island DLC Adds New Map and Three New Creatures

ARK: Survival Evolved has a year-end gift for everyone: the new Lost Island DLC. The DLC features three new creatures, including a pterosaur you can use as a glider to move around the new 150 square km map that also has ruins to explore, and new challenges.

Myth of Empires Still off Steam, As Angela Game Files Lawsuit Against Snail Games Over Copyright Claim

Myth of Empires was delisted from Steam after a copyright claim was submitted by Snail Games over alleged source code theft. Now, Angela Game is suing over the claims, requesting a rights declaration and possible damages.

 ARK: Survival Evolved Turkey Trial Lets You Go Wild With Bonuses and Holiday Skins

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving in the US this week or if you just want to take down some Super Turkeys and craft some new holiday centric turkey or celebratory skins, you might want to try the ARK: Survival Evolved Turkey Trial 5 event.

ARK: Survival Evolved Extra Life Breaks Records,  Free Lost Island DLC Coming in December

ARK: Survival Evolved's Extra Life stream raised a ton of money for childrens' hospitals over the weekend. The team will thank the community with a free DLC map out next month, Lost Island, featuring three new creatures.

ARK: Genesis Part 2 Released, Bringing The Dino-Survival Game's Story To A Close

ARK: Survival Evovled is closing out it's narrative with its Genesis Part 2 update, which went live yesterday. The new content brings the story to a close, while also leading into what players can start to expect when ARK 2 releases down the road.

ARK: Survival Evolved's Ultimate Survival Edition Is Available Now, Genesis Part 2 Coming June 2nd

Today, Studio Wildcard has released another version of their popular Dinosaur survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved, on Steam, Epic, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This version, the Ultimate Survival Edition, sees all of the expansion packs in additionto the base game in one package.

ARK 2 Is Exclusive to Xbox and PC, Vin Diesel Also 'President of Creative Convergence'

It looks like Ark 2 will be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC, with the PlayStation versions a big TBD at this point.

Ark Survival Evolved Dev Raised Over $180,000 for Extra Life

In some good news, Studio Wildcard, the developers behind Ark Survival Evolved, shared that they raised over $180,000 during their Extra Life live stream recently.

ARK Maintenance Scheduled for Today

Ark Survival Evolved downtime should be expected later this morning as the team cites server maintenance.

Ark: Survival Evolved is Coming to Stadia in 2021

Google continues its release announcements for Stadia in this Day 2 lineup. Here's what's in store.