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First Guild Wars 2 WvW Beta Scrapped After a Brief, But Rough Start

Guild Wars 2 began its WvW Restructuring beta today and ended it just hours later after major bugs.

Two Important Beta Events Begin in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 opens two important beta events this week - the elite specializations event and the WvW changes coming.

Guild Wars 2 Adding DirectX 11 Support to Improve and Modernize

Guild Wars 2 opens up a DirectX 11 beta next week. The change is intended to upgrade performance while still supporting a variety of systems.

Guild Wars 2 - The Catalyst Unleashes Elemental Power for Beta Event

The final one of the elite specializations ready for next week's beta event for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the Catalyst. 

The Bladesworn is Guild Wars 2's Warrior Elite Specialization

The next elite specialization unveiled for the upcoming Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion shows us the next step in the warrior's potential path - the Bladesworn.

Guild Wars 2 - The Vindicator Elite Specialization Revealed

Guild Wars 2 introduces the Vindicator, the newest elite specialization for the upcoming End of Dragons expansion.

Guild Wars 2 - World vs. World Major Restructuring Plans Detailed

After plenty of community input, ArenaNet has published an update on major upcoming changes to World vs. World in Guild Wars 2.

Former Blizzard And Co-Founder Of ArenaNet Jeff Strain Calls For Unionization In The Games Industry

In a letter published with permission by IGN, former Blizzard developer and co-founder of Guild Wars 2 developer Jeff Strain is calling for unionization within the games industry. The letter, which Strain also sent to employees at his new venture, sees the games industry executive state that he has "nothing to fear" from unionization.

Rising Flames Is This Week's Free Guild Wars 2 Living World Story Episode

While End of Dragons, the upcoming expansion for Guild Wars 2, was delayed into 2022, it isn't stopping ArenaNet from handing out Living World story episodes to get players prepared. This week sees "Rising Flames" get the tab, as it'll be free between July 6th through July 11th.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Delayed Till 2022

News out of ArenaNet today as the MMO studio has announced it will be moving the next expansion for Guild Wars 2, End of Dragons, out of 2021 and into 2022.

Guild Wars 2's Next Free Living World Episodes, Seeds Of Truth And Point Of No Return, Available Now

The next two episodes in the free-Living World campaign ArenaNet is running are now available to be claimed, as Seeds of Truth and Point of No Return are available to Guild Wars 2 players.

The Guild Wars 2 Audio Team Remembers Stan LePard

Previously we reported the tragic passing of Guild Wars 2 composer Stan LePard, that has been remembered in the game with a memorial in his honor. Guild Wars 2 composer Maclaine Diemer, and ArenaNets audio director, Drew Cady answered a few questions of ours about Stan, and how he will be remembered among their team.

Guild Wars 2 Composer Stan LePard Memorialized With In-Game Monument

Back in February video game composer Stan LePard, who worked on titles like Halo, Fable, Age of Empires and Guild Wars 2, among many others, tragically passed away. The team at ArenaNet today announced they were memorializing LePard in an in-game memorial for players to enjoy his work and celebrate his life.

Rediscovering My Love For Guild Wars 2

Throughout 2020 one of the things Robin struggled with was my waning desire to play Guild Wars 2. However, it seems that lull might be over, as Robin has rediscovered her love for Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2's Icebrood Saga Finale Provides an Epic Conclusion

It's been 18 months since Guild Wars 2's Icebrood Saga has begun, and now, the climactic conclusion of more than a year of cataclysmic dragon-based danger is finally here. Does The Icebrood Saga: Judgement deliver as the climax of the war against the Elder Dragons?

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