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Guild Wars 2 2023 Roadmap is Coming, and ArenaNet Reveals a Few Details For Now

ArenaNet promises a 2023 Guild Wars 2 roadmap within a few weeks, and reveals when WvW quality of life details, balance change notes, and more content changes, will happen.

In February, Guild Wars 2 Begins Winding Down DirectX 9 Support and Migrating All to DirectX 11

ArenaNet has announced that the Guild Wars 2 will begin the process of ending support for DirectX 9 on February 6th, with updated minimum requirements, and an eight-week migration to DirectX 11.

Next Week, Guild Wars 2 Celebrates The Year of the Rabbit in Lunar New Year Event

It's January, and next week, Guild Wars 2 is getting ready to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with the return of the Lunar New Year Festival. 

Guild Wars 2's Big 2022: More End of Dragons Content Coming, New Expansion in Early Development

This year was  "one of the best years for Guild Wars 2 in recent memory", according to ArenaNet. They've also revealed that the next expansion is in early development. 

It's Wintersday Again in Guild Wars 2, As ArenaNet Reverts Accidental Postprocessing Changes

In Guild Wars 2, the Wintersday holiday has begun, with new and returning activities and goodies. ArenaNet also issued a hotfix to fix post-processing changes that were set by default by mistake.

Five Things I Wish I Knew When Starting Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a massive game. Like, really massive. As a result, it can be daunting for new players. Here are five things that Lowry wished he knew before starting in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 is Holding Its Sixth WvW Restructuring Beta Starting Today

After an announcement yesterday, Guild Wars 2 is beginning its sixth WvW Restructuring beta today.

Guild Wars 2's Newest Major Balance Patch is Here, With Lots of Class Tuning

The latest round of balance changes are out for Guild Wars 2, following the initial release a couple of weeks ago by the team to let the community weigh in on proposed tweaks.

Guild Wars 2 Balance Patch Notes: The Quick and Dirty

A new balance patch is set to hit Guild Wars 2 soon. Anthony Lowry looks into the changes and gives a breakdown for all those PvE players wondering what will become of their favorite builds.

Guild Wars 2 Balance Notes Preview Efforts Towards Class Balance in All Modes

The Guild Wars 2 team held another balance stream  today to preview the November 29th update. The notes preview a patch intended on class balance across the game's modes.

Guild Wars 2 Wraps Living World Season 1 With Battle for Lion's Arch and Plans for New Balance Stream

Guild Wars 2 opens up the fifth and final episode of Living World Season 1 - Battle for Lion's Arch, as well as a new update, and plans for a stream covering the next balance update.

Guild Wars 2: Attack on Lion's Arch Preview

It's been almost seven months since ArenaNet started the Return of Guild Wars 2's Season 1 content with the Flame and Frost update. Robin took to the world of GW2 to check out Episode 5's new developments.

Final Episode of Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 1, Battle for Lion's Arch, is Coming Next Week

The fifth and final episode, Battle for Lion's Arch comes to Guild Wars 2 next week for a reimagined, repeatable version of the epic fight that concludes the original season 1 storyline.

Guild Wars 2 Releases Profession Balance Change Philosophy Policy After Stream

Guild Wars 2 devoted its Friday stream today to the balance team's introduction of overall balance change philosophy and goals. As promised, the team has also shared their "living document" philosophy policies with the community.

Guild Wars 2 Stream Will Focus on Profession Balance Philosophy, Followed By a Philosophy Document

The Guild Wars 2 team will release a balance philosophy document and hold a stream on profession balance changes, as part of a commitment to greater transparency on the subject.