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ArcheAge Will Offer 10 Days of Gifts to Mark 10th Launch Anniversary

A milestone for ArcheAge, but the gifts are for the community, as XL Games and Kakao Games mark the 10th anniversary of release with 10 days of offers.

In the New Update, the ArcheAge Larva Event Brings Colorful Weirdness, Living Gliders, and Rewards

Anyone familiar with ArcheAge expects the colorful and strange, and a new event, ArcheAge x Larva, will see you help out colorful larvae with special abilities, ride a living glider, and use new special abilities.

ArcheAge Will Add Guards to Help Players, Open a New Grand ArchePass, and the Zodiac Festival

In tomorrow's update, ArcheAge adds some guards to help players stay safer, lets you now access the Arena Shop more easily, begins the Zodiac Festival event, and adds the Grand ArchePass, Wish-Filled Manastorm Crystal.

ArcheAge Is Hosting An Event As Part Of Its Latest Landrush

Starting today and running through January 1st, ArcheAge players can take part in an event that coincides with its latest landrush push.

ArcheAge Fresh Start is Live, Details on Content Rollout Revealed, Including Land Rush

 ArcheAge has a new Fresh Start server opening today, and Kakao has shared details about the progression benefits, events, and what to expect from the gradual rollout of content for the server.

ArcheAge Reveals More Details on the Fresh Start Servers Opening December 15th

Fresh Start servers will open on December 15th for ArcheAge. Kakao Games released details on the bonuses, competitions, and rules, as well as a new dog battle pet to claim.

ArcheAge Opening Up New Fresh Start Servers on December 15th

Kakao Games has announced a new Fresh Start server for ArcheAge will open on December 15th. New details have been confirmed as to what to expect from the server when it opens next month.

Kakao is Seeking Community Feedback on Potential ArcheAge Fresh Start Servers

Kakao Games issurveying and asking the ArcheAge community to gauge interest in a Fresh Start server and rules for the game.

ArcheAge Boosts the Faction Statue Bonuses for More Competitive Play and Starts a Double Bonus Event

This week's update for ArcheAge brought a new buff to the Faction Statue to help players be more competitive, removed the mail cooldown, began some events, and fixed a few bugs.

ArcheAge Unchained Interview: Talking Fresh Start Servers And Next Steps With the AAU Team

ArcheAge Unchained released its new fresh start server earlier this month, bringing a way for new players who are interested in checking out the MMO but might feel like they are starting at a massive disadvantage can jump in, well, fresh. We talked with the ArcheAge team to talk about what this means for the MMO, the growth that ArcheAge has seen with the move, and plans for the future.

ArcheAge Fresh Start Server Coming September 15th, With Double and Triple Bonuses and Extra Rewards

Next month, ArcheAge will open its Fresh Start servers, offering players a chance to start on even ground to level and gear up with progression bonuses and lots of rewards.

Kakao Wants ArcheAge Community Feedback on 2022 Changes and Upcoming Improvements

After Kakao Games took over publishing rights, they've made a number of changes and improvements to ArcheAge. Now, they're offering a list of changes they've made and ones they're working on and seeking player feedback.

ArcheAge Begins New ArchePass Season, a Treasure Event, Balance Changes, and Kakao Clarifies Alt Policies

A new ArchePass season, an event that could net you pass upgrades, and more are happening in ArcheAge. Kakao Games is clarifying policies on alts, after concluding previous communication was unclear.

Awaken the Abyssal Kraken for Bragging Rights and Loot in ArcheAge

The latest ArcheAge update has added the Abyssal Kraken, which you can potentially awaken, the Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf free for all event, improvements, and more.

XL Games Files Trademark Application for 'ArcheWar', Leading to Speculation This is the ArcheAge Sequel

A trademark application filing by XL Games has been spotted. The application is for the title ArcheWar, leading to speculation that this might be the title of the previously-announced ArcheAge sequel.