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Test Some of Isle of Dread's New Features in Dungeons and Dragons Online

The next expansion for Dungeons and Dragons Online, Isle of Dread, is coming in June. Parts of the upcoming content and update 55 are now up for a limited preview test.

Janeway Returns to Star Trek Online in New Stormfall Update, Featuring New Story Content and TFO Overhauls

It's time to be back in the Mirrorverse with Star Trek Online's latest update, Stormfall. The update features features Kate Mulgrew returning as Janeway, two new story episodes, and several new and returning Star Trek characters

Neverwinter: Devblog Talks the Tyranny of Dragons Epic Adventure, As Dragonslayer Opens on Preview Shard

A new Neverwinter devblog covers tonverting Tyranny of Dragons into an Epic Adventure and the upcoming Dragonslayer module lands on the PC preview shard.

Neverwinter Accidentally Releases Sharandar Masterwork on PC, Will Remain as Console Launch Planned for May

Neverwinter got an accidental early release of the new Sharandar Masterwork professions to the live server on PC, but it will remain available. Plus, a guide to Appointment Events is out, with the newest one live this week.

Neverwinter Brings Back the Chickens With April Fowls This Week

April Fowls is coming to Neverwinter this week, with some all new rewards like the Zombie Chicken mount, and a chance to play as the Ne-crow-mancer in PvP.

Star Trek Online Shadow's Advance Brings Janeway and more Mirror Universe Content to Consoles

Shadow's Advance, the new update for Star Trek Online brings Voyager's Janeway and Mirror Universe content to the game on console

The Harvester of Nightmares is Returning to Neverwinter

The Harvester of Nightmares event is returning to haunt dreams and present opportunity for rewards in Neverwinter.

Star Trek Online and Neverwinter Ending Support for DirectX 10 and Windows 7 As of Tomorrow

PC players of Star Trek Online or Neverwinter will have to be running DirectX 11 and a later version of Windows than 7 after today.

Scaleblight Mythal, the Epic Adventure and Conclusion to Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale, is Live on PC

Today, Neverwinter PC players can take on the Epic Adventure and conclusion of Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale module: Scaleblight Mythal.

Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale is Out on Console for Some Grappling Hook and Dragon Plot Fun

Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale module is now out on consoles. Take on Valindra Shadowmantle and the Cult of the Dragon, gain faction reputation, rewards, and more in the new campaign.

Neverwinter Will Get Dragonbone Vale and its Grappling Hooks on Consoles a Week Early

Neverwinter is getting its 22nd module, Dragonbone Vale, on PlayStation and Xbox a week earlier than expected. Get ready to try out the new grappling hook movement and to plot how to defeat the Cult of the Dragon once more deep within the mountains.

Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale Preview Offers New Info, Clues, and a Look at the Dangerous Terrain

Fresh off the news that the next module for Neverwinter is taking everyone to Dragonbone Vale, Arc Games is offering a preview of the adventure zone. In addition to some scope of the terrain, we also get some sense of those who seek to stop the Cult of the Dragon and their destructive rituals.

Earn an Eisenberg, Icy Bat'leth and Holiday Sweaters as Star Trek Online Brings Back Q's Winter Wonderland

 The latest update for Star Trek Online brings back the winter event where you can earn some new gear and even a new star cruiser.

Star Trek Online's Reflections Update Brings the Mirror Universe Content to Console Today

Star Trek Online's Reflections update is going live today on Xbox and PlayStation. This major release marks the first story content featuring the Mirror Universe and kicks off the next major storyline in the game.

Star Trek Online Battle For Qo'nos Starts Next Week, the Last Chance for Infinity Promotions

Star Trek Online's next special event will be arriving next week in advance of the next content release. The Battle For Qo'nos event runs from November 16th-December 7th for PC and will begin on consoles a little later.